The High Frequency Trading Blowback Continues: Fidelity Creates New Trading Venue

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Perhaps, like Goldman, Fidelity knows that “unless things change, there’s going to be a massive crash – a flash crash times ten…”

The HFT Blowback Continues: Fidelity Creates New Trading Venue (ZeroHedge, April 10, 2014):

In what the firm believes will be an improvement over other so-called dark pools because it will be a collaboration among big mutual-fund firms, WSJ reports that the giant fund manager is quietly building a new trading venue designed to let big money managers sidestep many of the problems that they argue lead to unfair or costly trading – i.e. avoid the HFT predation. Fidelity, with $1.95 trillion of assets under management, is in the initial stages of planning the trading venue and has just begun to pitch the idea to other large asset managers. It seems 5 years of vociferous exposure and a Michael Lewis book may be beginning to starve the HFTs of their prey.

As WSJ reports,

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Goldman To Fidelity Call for Calm After Global Stock Wipeout … ‘While Insiders Are Selling Their Shares Like Crazy’

… and pray for the Fed to print MORE ‘heroin’.

My outlook for all the ‘muppets'(clients) out there that still trust Goldman, JPMorgan, Fidelity or …:


Here is what happened to the ‘muppets’ before:

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Marc Faber: ‘Insiders Are Selling Their Shares Like Crazy … I Own PHYSICAL Gold Because The Old System Will Implode. Those Who Own Paper Assets Are DOOMED.

The greatest financial/economic collapse in world history is coming.

The entire financial system will collapse.

I would NOT want to be invested in (toilet) paper assets and get completely wiped out.

Goldman to Fidelity Call for Calm After Global Stock Wipeout (Bloomberg, Feb 4, 2014):

Panic is making an enemy of telephones for Catherine Yeung, the director for equities at Fidelity Investment Management Ltd. in Hong Kong.

“My children hate that BlackBerry,” said Yeung, whose clients have been calling amid two weeks of declines that erased $3 trillion from global stocks. She’s advising calm, noting that profits are rising and shares just got a lot less expensive.

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JPMorgan Money Market Funds Join Fidelity, Sell Treasury Bills ‘In Light Of Possible U.S. Government Default’

JP Morgan Money Market Funds Join Fidelity, Sell Bills “In Light Of Possible U.S. Government Default” (ZeroHedge, Oct 10, 2013):

Yesterday, it was Fidelity who in conducting its fiduciary duty, announced it was getting out of any and all near-term risky Bill insturments, namely those that mature just around the time of a possible technical debt default. Today, while the stock market was soaring on hope that a Washington debt ceiling deal was imminent, it was another firm that was quietly doing the opposite, and was taking “action in light of a possible US government default), and as highlighted earlier when we showed the ongoing divergence between stocks and Bills, was quietly “boosting” liquidity (i.e. selling short-term securities) in order to avoid breaking the buck (which as we also learned yesterday had been breached by not only the Reserve fund but by 28 other heretofore unknown money market funds). The firm: JPMorgan.

From JPMorgan’s Investment Management (JPMIM) group:

J.P. Morgan takes action in light of possible U.S. Government default

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