Study: Borax counteracts genotoxicity of aluminum in rat liver — (It detoxifies & protects against toxic aluminum from chemtrails)

Boron enables the flow of energy, whereas aluminum turns it off. (Dementia/Alzheimer).

Borax also detoxifies the body from highly toxic fluoride and decalcifies the pineal gland.

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Borax counteracts genotoxicity of aluminum in rat liver.


This study was carried out to evaluate the protective role of borax (BX) on genotoxicity induced by aluminum (Al) in rat liver, using liver micronucleus assay as an indicator of genotoxicity. Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly separated into six groups and each group had four animals. Aluminum chloride (AlCl₃; 5 mg/kg b.w.) and BX (3.25 and 13 mg/kg b.w.) were injected intraperitoneally to rats. Besides, animals were also treated with Al for 4 consecutive days followed by BX for 10 days. Rats were anesthetized after Al and BX injections and the hepatocytes were isolated for counting the number of micronucleated hepatocytes (MNHEPs). AlCl₃ was found to significantly (p < 0.05) increase the number of MNHEPs. Rats treated with BX, however, showed no increase in MNHEPs. Moreover, simultaneous treatments with BX significantly modulated the genotoxic effects of AlCl₃ in rats. It can be concluded that BX has beneficial influences and has the ability to antagonize Al toxicity.


Aluminum; borax; in vivo; liver; micronucleus assay; rat

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