Feb 18

Feb 17, 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and David Ellis for today’s news including:

START Blair is back
02:39 A look at UK parliamentary EU sub committees
08:45 The Munich Security Conference – annual geopolitical theatre
14:30 G20 minister meeting sees Tillerson and Lavrov meet
16:50 The new chair of the BBC board – who is he and how was he appointed?
19:35 The fake media response to that Trump press conference
22:30 Fake: “terrifying” footage of new Russian jet
28:30 MoD to “opt out” of common law system?
32:25 The Times attack on Andrew Wakefield continues
36:45 The state of child protection in Ireland – links to the Docherty case
47:00 £40 million UK government package for child sexual exploitation (prevention?)

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2 Responses to “UK Column News – 17th February 2017: “There Is No Brexit” – “Theresa May Utterly Lying To The Nation” (Video)”

  1. squodgy Says:

    This s devious confirmation of the bullshit plan to give the plebs the impression they might have power and thus no Brexit.


  2. squodgy Says:

    The quiet raping of Greece and its people.


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