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Study: 54% of Dutch inner city school teachers think Muslim integration has failed:

While the Muslim school children’s integration into Dutch society is failing, Dutch school children as young as four, are kneeling at a local mosque.

A new study (PDF) by the Dutch DUO Onderwijsonderzoek was conducted among 2200 elementary and high-school teachers. The theme was the extent to which teachers felt the country’s integration problems affected their work and experiences in the classroom.

54% of Amsterdam’s, Rotterdam’s, The Hague’s and Utrecht’s high-school teachers say they observe a:

“failed integration and increasing cultural segregation in society.”

62% of these cities’ teachers think this is caused by “the difference between Western and non-Western values”, while 39% ascribes it to the “role of religion”.

On a national average, 39% of high-school teachers subscribe to the observation of failed integration. For elementary school teachers, the national average is 27%.

Of all high-school teachers, a national average of 57% thinks this is caused by “the difference between Western and non-Western values,” while 39% thinks it due to the “role of religion“.

For elementary school teachers, the numbers are even higher: 62% and 43% respectively.

Due to this development, one in nine teachers now states they avoid four sensitive subjects:

Sexual education/homosexuality, religious affairs (mainly Islamic State and Islamization), Terrorist attacks and slavery (due to the Dutch “Sinterklaas feast”)“.

Although hardly new, the study does not report Dutch teachers’ fear of speaking about Antisemitism and the holocaust.

On both elementary and high schools, 58% of the teachers think it’s the parents’ responsibility to improve the situation, while the majority of teachers claims to have no idea on how to improve the situation themselves.

In short: it’s a bi-cultural gridlock.

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