Jan 23

India – On a Downward Spiral:

Indians should move their savings out of India while they still can — it is still possible to buy gold or open bank accounts in safer and more reliable jurisdictions outside of India. Keep in mind that capital controls will likely be imposed soon. Those who still have the opportunity and the necessary skills should move out of India.

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2 Responses to “India’s Downward Spiral Accelerates: “The Real Pain Is Just Beginning””

  1. kevin a Says:

    Man Gives Passionate Speech About BREXIT | Feminist / Social Justice Warriors / SJW vs LOGIC

  2. kevin a Says:

    Russia Proposes Superhighway to Alaska
    Russia Green Lights $65 Billion Siberia-Alaska Rail and Tunnel to Bridge the Bering Strait!
    Extreme Engineering Bridging The Bering Strait

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