Jan 21

US PREPARES FOR WAR: Tanks OPEN FIRE towards Russia as troops line border:

AMERICAN tanks have opened fire in the direction of Russia amid fears of all out war.

Heavily-armed US military personnel were rushed to Poland’s border with Russia to warn Vladimir Putin against another Ukrainian-style land grab.

Startling images show balls of fire shooting out of the tanks as they undergo drills.

There are 2,700 armoured vehicles at the scene and once their preparation is complete they are going to be deployed all over Eastern Europe.

The American troops were cheered as they entered the Zagan region of Poland.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo openly snubbed Putin by saying: “It’s a great day today when we can welcome, here in Zagan, American soldiers who represent the best, the greatest army in the world.”

Major General Timothy McGuire of the US Land Forces in Europe team said the thousands of soldiers would “stand united on Polish soil to deter and defend”.

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