Jan 10

Merkel and Gabriel are both elite puppets and notorious liars.

Calling for a ban on Islamist mosques could have nothing to do with the upcoming federal election in 2017?

I believe that Merkel will NOT be reelected and that the next elite puppet, coming from the SPD, has already been selected by TPTB.

‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ Merkel’s deputy calls for ban on Islamist mosques amid ISIS threat:

GERMANY’S Vice Chancellor has called for a ban on Islamist mosques in the country.

Sigmar Gabriel, an outspoken critic of Angela Merkel, says the move will help prevent further ISIS terror attacks.He believes a “zero-tolerance” stance against radical Islam is needed to stop communities becoming “degenerate”.Mr Gabriel wants the proposed crackdown to focus on Salafism – an ultra-conservative branch of Islam based on Sharia law.

He said: “Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and the preachers should be expelled as soon as possible.”Those who encourage for violence do not enjoy the protection of religious freedom.”If we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight.”

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