Dec 22

Former Kuwaiti MP Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Insulting Saudi Arabia:

(MEEA Kuwaiti appeals court convicted former Shia MP Abdulhameed Dashti of offending Saudi Arabia on Thursday, and sentenced him to 10 years in prison in absentia.

The new term raises the total jail terms handed down to Dashti to 42 years and six months for making comments considered offensive to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and jeopardising Kuwait’s ties with the Kingdoms. The three countries are part of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

In previous cases, he was also convicted of insulting Kuwait’s ruler.

Dashti, who is living outside of Kuwait, condemned the verdict on his twitter account.

Translation: Could any sane person believe that I received a prison sentence of 42 years and six months for just expressing my opinion, what democracy are you talking about and what judiciary?!!!

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