Nov 24


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38 Responses to “No Updates Possible On Friday & Saturday”

  1. kevin a Says:

    Nigeria: Muslims carry out coordinated attacks on Christians in 5 villages, murdering 45

  2. kevin a Says:

    Ancient text found mentioning Jesus could shape-shift

  3. kevin a Says:

    Granola Lovers Beware: Oat Costs Surge as Canada Harvest Tumbles

  4. kevin a Says:

    How Donald Trump, debt and slowing construction industry threatens China’s economy

  5. kevin a Says:

    BREXIT BONANZA: Britain set for £32billion bonus after quitting the EU

  6. kevin a Says:


  7. kevin a Says:

    Germany: veteran Santa Claus fired for opposing child marriage

  8. Infinite Says:

    To kevin a,

    I’ve posted about this here …

    This just to let you know why I will not post the article.

    Thanks for the link.

    You and other readers have sent more than 50 links during my absence.

    Let’s see what I will be able to post.

  9. kevin a Says:

    Ant Overlords? Supercolony in Ethiopian Forests Set to Invade Globe

  10. kevin a Says:

    Pakistan: 5 Muslims sentenced to death for murdering Christian couple.
    A Pakistani anti-terror court has sentenced five people to death over the killing of a Christian couple who were lynched and burned in a kiln after being falsely accused of blasphemy.

  11. kevin a Says:

    UK: Muslim who ‘who advocated dying while fighting jihad’ given platform at London university
    Green has previously written that conflict between Islam and Western societies is “ordered in the Koran”. He has also claimed: “Dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure.”

  12. kevin a Says:

    Muslim contribution to Thanksgiving: 81 sand-filled trucks line Macy’s Parade route to prevent jihad attack

  13. kevin a Says:


  14. kevin a Says:

    Why China’s Terracotta Warriors Are Stirring Controversy
    Recently, though, mitochondrial DNA tests conducted on human remains from Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province, got the attention of international media. The results suggested the presence of “Westerners” in China as early as the third century B.C., during the lifetime of Qin Shui Hang (259-210 B.C.), the first emperor of China.

  15. kevin a Says:

    Obama Justice Dept. sues NJ township for rejecting mosque

  16. kevin a Says:

    Trump and the white power problem
    The comments are worth a read at the end. Very Pro Trump..

  17. kevin a Says:

    TIN FOIL HAT: Washington Post claims Natural News is controlled by the Russian government

  18. kevin a Says:

    The Washington Post fakes so much news, the paper had to give back a Pulitzer Prize due to extreme journalism FRAUD
    12 Fake News Stories from the Mainstream Media

  19. kevin a Says:

    What Is Thunderstorm Asthma, And Why Is It Worst In Melbourne?
    Hospitals across Melbourne were put on emergency alert on Monday night as thousands of people called ambulance services, reporting breathing difficulties and other severe symptoms.

  20. kevin a Says:

    Champix inquiry examines link between anti-smoking drug and suicide.

  21. kevin a Says:

    New Zealand earthquake lifts the seabed by more than a METRE
    These incredible photographs show how New Zealand’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake lifted the seabed two metres – and exploded through the sand.

  22. kevin a Says:

    Heiress, 19, dubbed ‘Russia’s Lady Di’ is killed when her BMW spun off a road in Switzerland and crashed into a lake
    Heiress Diana Lebedeva was a member of Moscow’s ‘golden youth’ rich set
    Was travelling with Azer Yagubov, 23, son of an Azerbaijani businessman
    Reports claim the vehicle had been in a ‘race’ when it got into difficulty
    Her grandfather was one of Vladimir Putin’s prominent business enemies

  23. kevin a Says:

    Woman becomes fifth person to die following freak ‘asthma thunderstorm’ which saw more than 500 people hospitalised

  24. kevin a Says:

    Tokyo – First snow observed on the ground in November in 142 years
    Iran – Snowfall causes billions of dollars damage to crops

  25. kevin a Says:

    The Apex gang’s latest victim? Man violently attacked after confronting home invaders who tied him up – amid spate of robberies by the Sudanese gang terrorising Melbourne

  26. kevin a Says:
    Apex gang runs riot through Melbourne suburbs yet again

  27. kevin a Says:

    Australian media is reporting shocking cases of two separate incidents of mass violent acts involving South Sudanese Australian gangs in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, New South Wales.

    On Saturday, a group of about 30 “men of African descent” fought outside a theatre in Sydney according to NSW Police. The police refused to say whether those involved in violence were South Sudanese but most Australian media houses have been identifying them as mostly South Sudanese.

  28. kevin a Says:

    50,000-Year-Old Needle Found in Siberian Cave AND It Was Not Made by Homo Sapiens

  29. kevin a Says:


  30. kevin a Says:

    173 Criminals, including two from the Apex gang, set for deportation under tough new migration laws

  31. kevin a Says:

    Tehran in the grip of unprecedented air pollution, over 400 dead

  32. Infinite Says:

    To kevin a;

    I’ve posted this article already here:

  33. kevin a Says:
    Be Thankful You Saw This Alien Chestburster Turkey Recipe the Day After Thanksgiving

  34. kevin a Says:

    BULGARIAN Prime Minister says “Send them back!” Orders mass deportations of violent Muslim invaders posing as refugees

  35. kevin a Says:

    African Migrants Riot Against ‘Racist’ Italians: ‘Allah Will Guide Us in Revenge’

  36. kevin a Says:

    Pizza Gate Expose’- A Who’s Who – Podestas, Weiner, Clintons, Obama & More

  37. kevin a Says:

    A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2016
    Child Marriage, No-go Zones, Gang Rapes

  38. kevin a Says:

    During the first six months of 2016, more than 2,000 migrants who requested asylum were found to be carrying false passports, but German border control officers allowed them into the country anyway. Migrants with false papers could be linked to the Islamic State, security analysts warned.

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