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Recalling The Clinton Body Count

9-minute video: Clinton ‘body count’ suspiciously increases by five in the last six weeks. What’s certain: Hillary is a War Criminal, rogue Secretary of State, and election fraud felon. Want all history-mysteries solved? Demand .01% arrests

Google buries ‘Clinton body count’: Search engine accused of hiding negative stories during Hillary’s campaign:

  • Google has been accused of changing its algorithm to bury negative stories about Hillary including the notorious ‘Clinton body count’
  • When users type ‘Clinton body’, Google’s top results are car repair shops
  • But other search engines auto-complete with stories about body count
  • It refers to a notorious list of people connected to the Clintons who have died mysteriously in the past three decades
  • Latest alleged member includes DNC staffer Seth Rich who was murdered last month in an apparent robbery gone wrong
  • Wikileaks founder has since hinted that Rich was a secret source for him
  • But many have dismissed the list as the work of conspiracy theorists
  • Negative stories about Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, still auto-complete on Google 
  • Google have so far declined to comment on the allegations

Google has been accused of burying internet searches about an infamous list of mysterious deaths and murders of people allegedly connected to the Clintons.

The search engine altered an algorithm to prevent searches for ‘Clinton body count’ from auto-completing, InfoWars reports.

Yet when internet users begin to enter the phrase on the likes of Bing or Yahoo search engines, the phrase auto-completes as the top result.

On Google, stories about the Clinton body count are buried under the top results about car repair shops in Clinton.


Google has been accused of burying internet searches about an infamous list of mysterious deaths and murders of people allegedly connected to the Clintons

The search engine altered an algorithm to prevent searches for ‘Clinton body count’ from auto-completing, a report claims (pictured is Hillary Clinton in Scranton last week)

The ‘Clinton body count’ is a long list of people tied to the Clintons who have died in suspicious circumstances since the early 1990s.

The alleged death toll is in dispute but some claim more than 50 people, connected with the former president and First Lady have died in mysterious circumstances.

Most recently, DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich, who was the operations director for voter expansion, was found murdered on July 10.

His death initially appeared like a robbery gone wrong but his mother Mary Rich claims that nothing was taken from her son, who was found with two shots in his back.


The mystery surrounding his death has sparked a flurry of theories posted online, including claims that he was on his way to speak to the FBI when he was shot.

There have also been suggestions he fed Wikileaks the 3,000 DNC emails, which hinted that the DNC had favored Clinton over rival Bernie Sanders, that were released at the start of the party’s convention last week.

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has also hinted that Rich was a source.

Rich’s death – along with four other deaths in recent weeks – reignited the old rumors that Hillary Clinton and her husband will stop at nothing when they want to silence someone who could stand in the way of their political ambition.

On the face of it, such speculation seems ludicrous, but that doesn’t stop the talk. And after decades in the national spotlight Bill and Hillary have amassed enough enemies who are more than happy to point to the number of Clinton associates who have died before their time.

Bing’s top auto-complete result for ‘Clinton body’ is ‘Clinton body count
‘I’m not saying the Clintons kill people. I’m saying a lot of people around the Clintons turn up dead,’ Larry Nichols, who worked with the former First Family before turning against them told Daily Mail Online.

After Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren tweeted about the death on July 26 of Mark Weiner,  a Clinton confidante preparing to go see his old friend Bill speak at the DNC, her Twitter feed was filled with comments suggesting one or both of the Clintons were somehow responsible. Weiner, who had long suffered from leukemia, suddenly felt ill and put himself to bed. Within hours he was dead.

‘ANOTHER Clinton ‘friend’ dies at a young age! Glad they aren’t my friends!’ tweeted Kathy East.

‘Did they find a note, or are they still writing it?’ queried Irina Florescu.

‘Who doesn’t the Clintons bump off? Pure evil,’ commented Robin Kay Anderson. ‘Did he know too much?’ asked Ben Nicola Sr.

Websites with names such as, and obsessively list the deaths going back decades, desperately trying to pin them on Bill or Hillary. Most put the total at around 50. Others list nearly 80. Some go even higher.

They document people who have supposedly killed themselves or been murdered. Many have died in plane crashes. Other deaths have been put down to natural causes.

The lists have circulated on the internet for years. Now the death Rich, among others, have set the rumors afire again.

‘I can’t give a guarantee that everyone on my list was killed deliberately but they all have the potential,’ Michael Rivero, the webmaster of Whatreallyhappened told Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview.

‘But by the general law of statistics there are just way too many of them.’

‘Just the sheer number raises questions,’ he said.

The political establishment dismisses such talk as conspiracy theory gone wild. And indeed many of the lists that circulate on the web are poorly sourced and run by people who see evil in anything the Clintons do, a website that covers urban rumors has attempted to debunk the rumors. It points out that the Clintons’ years in power have led them to have thousands of people who can claim they know them and the number of their deaths is not out of the ordinary.

Snopes founder David Mikkelson says talk about the Clintons being involved is ‘claptrap.’

‘In a frenzied media climate where the Chief Executive couldn’t boff a White House intern without the whole world finding out every niggling detail of each encounter and demanding his removal from office, are we seriously to believe the same man had been having double handfuls of detractors and former friends murdered with impunity?’ he wrote.

Internet users are still able to search for ‘Clinton body count’ on Google, but the search does not auto-complete.

In June, another report by SourceFed, accused Google of attempting to boost secretly Clinton’s presidential candidacy by burying negative press.

In another example, they found that typing ‘Hillary Clinton cri,’ into Google auto-completes with a top result of ‘Hillary Clinton crime reform.’

But once again, other search engines returned top results of ‘Hillary Clinton criminal charges’ and ‘Hillary Clinton crime.’

Sourcefed claims the results are evidence that Google is trying to hide the conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary.

‘While that could reflect legitimate differences in the engines’ algorithms, Mr. Lieberman said that a search of ‘Hillary Clinton crime reform’ on Google trends showed that ‘there weren’t even enough searches of term to build a graph on the site,’ the site said.

Interestingly, negative stories about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, still auto-complete on Google raising further questions of bias.

Last year, Robert Epstein warned that ‘Google could rig the 2016 election’ – shifting voting preferences by up to 80 per cent in some areas – by altering its search algorithms.

Google adjusts its search engine algorithm 600 times a year, but the process is a closely guarded secret.

The search engine has not responded to requests for comment from

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“Google buries ‘Clinton body count’: Search engine accused of hiding negative stories during Hillary’s campaign

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks
The Clinton Body Count Just Went Up By 5 In The Past 6 Weeks!”

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