Oct 17

Wikileaks: ‘State Party’ Has Cut Julian Assange’s Internet Connection:

PARIS (AP) — WikiLeaks says that founder Julian Assange’s internet access has been cut by an unidentified state actor. Few other details were immediately available.

Assange has been up holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for more than four years after skipping bail to avoid being extradited over sex crimes allegations.

The cramped quarters haven’t prevented the Australian transparency activist from working and WikiLeaks continues to deliver scoops, including revelations that have rattled Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president as the U.S. election enters its final stretch.

Calls, texts and emails left with WikiLeaks weren’t immediately returned Monday. A woman who picked up the phone at the embassy said: “I cannot disclose any information.” An email to Ecuador’s ambassador wasn’t immediately answered. London’s Metropolitan Police declined comment.

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4 Responses to “Wikileaks: ‘State Party’ Has Cut Julian Assange’s Internet Connection”

  1. Squodgy Says:

    OK the Ecuador Gov have accepted they blocked Assange internet access, but do they have the ability to do that?

    Remember the Hidden hand controls CIA, MI5 & 6′ and Mossad, and thus, by proxy both the NSA and GCHQ. What are the chances…..???


  2. Squodgy Says:

    Has anyone noticed the coincidence of the hit on both Wikileaks and RT.

    Obviously they are the most serious challenges to the Rothschild backed Hillary campaign.

    Disable them, and the next tier struggles for the truth, leading to the possibility for disinformation and the thin end of the Orwellian wedge.

  3. Squodgy Says:

    Getting serious now.


  4. Squodgy Says:



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