Oct 01

H/t reader squodgy:

“Move along, nothing to see here….the Rothschild’s don’t want to de-stabilise their tame House of Saud which oppresses the ordinary people of the Arabian Gulf States and does whatever the Rothschilds & Rockefellers say.”

UK blocks UN inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen

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6 Responses to “UK blocks UN inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen”

  1. kevin a Says:

    At the height of one of the worst months for Christians under Islam, June, 2016, both the U.S. government and “mainstream” media continued to ignore the plight of Christians.
    June’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    When the boy continued to insist on rejecting Islam, two men grabbed him while the third, possibly his teacher, stabbed him 15 times.


  2. kevin a Says:

    Fury over axe to 1,000 country bus services
    Spending cuts forced county councils across England and Wales to make the cuts,
    Freedom of Information requests by the Liberal Democrats reveal. Since 2010, 904 bus services serving largely Conservative-run middle-class areas have been chopped or partially cut.

  3. kevin a Says:

    Swedish MEP takes aim at Hungary’s ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous’ migrant referendum

    A LEFT-WING Swedish lawmaker has condemned Hungary’s EU refugee quotas referendum as voters in the country are set to deliver a resounding message to the European Union.

  4. kevin a Says:

    Hungary set for landslide win over EU as voters see referendum as huge ‘NO to Brussels’

  5. kevin a Says:

    Sexual assaults skyrocket after countries open their doors to “multiculturalism”


  6. kevin a Says:

    Saudi princess who fled Paris after ‘instructing a bodyguard to kill a decorator’ is named – as her would-be ‘hitman’ is arrested
    Princess Hassa, 42, has pleaded diplomatic immunity against prosecution.

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