Sep 02


Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Date Is On The Wedding Anniversary Of Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are learning how to be farmers from the Duchess of Cambridge:

Her destiny is to be a queen, but the Duchess of Cambridge has revealed she would secretly love to be a farmer, and is making sure her children have what it takes to farm when they grow up.

With 130,000 acres of land coming their way when the Duke of Cambridge eventually inherits the Duchy of Cornwall from the Prince of Wales, the family will not be short of places to drive tractors and combine harvesters.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Because they & their ‘family’ own the media.
Look at this shit. Isn’t it nice to know the future jew king and his sister will be learning how to grow crops for the open market?

Doh! Off with th…..”

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