Aug 27


With strange floods, droughts and changing weather patterns globally, some areas are showing signs of the future of crop yield potential going forward to 2020. These are the areas that will continue to see losses YOY starting now.

More Lost Crops Globally…
French Wheat Down Again……

Baltic Grains Down…
China Down http://investinginchinesestocks.blogs…
USA Rice 5 Year Highs…………
Alberta farm Hail Damage…
Rice Loss USA
Louisiana Flood Record…

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4 Responses to “Global Crop Losses August 2016 (Wheat, Corn, Rice) Insurers Reel from Losses (Video)”

  1. kevin a Says:

    Millions at risk as deadly fungal infections acquire drug resistance
    Researchers believe widespread use of fungicides on crops is reducing effectiveness of frontline medicines

  2. kevin a Says:

    1,690-Page ‘Climate Change’ Reg Increases Cost of Tractor-Trailer Up to $15,119

  3. squodgy Says:

    Like with everything, blaming one thing as a possible cause can be misleading.

    Sunlight deprivation of over 15% resulting from artificial clouds is one factor.

    Climate/weather interference via HAARP microwave technology is another, as it is now established as a form of warfare causing drought or flood in areas hitherto healthy for crop production.

    Genetically modified patented seeds with special genome inserts have proven to yield less crop year on year, contrary to the manufacturers’ promises.

    The globalisation of everything, means we are all being subjected to it, and it can only be a political agenda because none of this as natural, it is the result of deliberate acts, which poses the questions WHO? & WHY?

    The answers are The Global Bankster & Corporate Elite, and their published and updated plan for the de-population of mankind, written for all to see in the U.N. (as in Rockefeller & Rothschild) Guidelines for Planet Sustainability and laid out in all languages for anyone to view on the Georgia Guidestones…

  4. kevin a Says:

    Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down All Conspiracy Websites
    Clinton also claims Putin is behind alternative media

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