Aug 14

Russian Northern Fleet Warships to Go on Trip to Arctic Islands in September:

A detachment of Russia’s Northern Fleet warships will carry out an expedition to the Arctic islands on the Northern Sea Route in September, the fleet’s commander told reporters.

MURMANSK (Sputnik) — According to Vice-Adm. Nikolai Evmenov, the detachment will be composed mainly of the Kola Flotilla, whose crews are experienced in high-altitude sailing.

“Atomflot icebreakers, with which we have had successful cooperation, will help the detachment in the passage of difficult ice sections,” Evmenov told reporters.

During the Arctic campaign of the Northern Fleet, which will be the fifth of its kind, the navy troops will hold a series of defense-oriented exercises, the commander said. Arctic motorized infantry brigade units will take part in the drills. The troops are also set to interact with the forces of Russia’s Pacific Fleet.The detachment is set to return from the Arctic islands in October, according to Evmenov.

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