Aug 10

NZ snowstorm leaves central North Island looking like a “war zone”:

“Snow-hit power lines could take weeks to fix,” says Radio New Zealand.

“We’re dealing with a metre of snow in some of those cross country areas,” said Unison power company spokesperson Danny Gough.

“It’s almost like a war zone – we’ve got poles that have just been been broken like twigs, trees and vegetation and all sorts of other rubble across the lines and the poles.”,-snow-leaves-power-poles-‘broken-like-twigs’

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One Response to “New Zealand snowstorm leaves central North Island looking like a “war zone””

  1. squodgy Says:

    North Island, especially the Peninsular is notably mild and thus the main fruit producing area as well as the Aucklander’s weekend leisure, boating & fishing retreat. A very nice country.
    There really does seem to be strange weather all over the world, pointing more towards cold, than global warming, and the Solar Minimum, La Nina and the Gulfstream stopping seem to be clear harbingers telling us to at least stock up on skis.

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