Apr 18

Dow Tops 18,000 – Highest In 9 Months (Earnings At 12-Month Lows):

Was it ever in doubt?

Dow Jones Tops 18,000

Oh just one thing…

Dow Jones Forward EPS Expectations

Earnings expectations have plunged over 6% since the last time The Dow was here.

Chart: Bloomberg


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One Response to “Dow Jones Tops 18,000 – Highest In 9 Months (Earnings At 12-Month Lows)”

  1. squodgy Says:

    So tell me punk, do you feel lucky?


    We all know trading activity is in the doldrums, and profits are dragging along the floor, so what on earth is boosting share prices?

    Computer algorithms, the new way of bullshitting investors things are good when they aren’t.


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