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“I reckon we all got hit by the dotcom & Japan bubble of the 90’s, but this analysis clearly shows why all the promising bullshit of growth and recovery has been and will always be just that….BULLSHIT.
The little man hasn’t got the clout to make anything from these rapid short hikes, so is doomed to be tied into the long trend, which, for at least the foreseeable future…is in decline.”

3/25/2016 — Government Permits DRONES to be used for Weather Modification — Spraying to induce precipitation:

Two years ago, in 2014, we reported that the US Government had approved  (authorized) weather modification experiments to be done across areas of Nevada using unmanned drones.

Also in 2014, we also managed to capture organized (possible drone) cloud seeding being done directly over Las Vegas Nevada during overnight hours.


Now in 2016, successful flight tests of a new multi-rotor Weather Modification drone have been made public, along with pictures of the drone in cloud seeding flare spray mode.

The drone is approximately 4 feet wide, and can carry multiple flares to spray the areas on command without human intervention.

Fully autonomous versions are in development now.

Picture of the spraying drone in operation provided by DRI:

DAx8 Cloud Seeding Flare Test at the RC field in Spanish Springs, Nev. on Wed., Jan. 27, 2016 in Reno, Nev. Kevin Clifford/Drone America


The most recent news on these weather modification drones showed up in Science Daily (March 25, 2016).

“March 25, 2016

Scientists and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) engineers have successfully flight tested the first-ever autonomous cloud seeding aircraft platform. Cloud seeding flare tests were deployed from Drone America’s DAx8 UAS aircraft flown in Reno in late January.”


Directly from DRI:

Autonomous cloud seeding aircraft successfully tested in Nevada

Revolutionary project uniting DRI expertise and Drone America technology

“RENO – A team of Nevada scientists and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) engineers have successfully flight tested the first-ever autonomous cloud seeding aircraft platform.

Cloud seeding flare tests were deployed from Drone America’s DAx8 UAS aircraft flown in Reno in late January.

As the first phase in a new industry-academic research partnership between the Desert Research Institute (DRI), Drone America, and AviSight, the test flight of a DAx8 multi-rotor aircraft with attached cloud seeding cargo validates the potential for UAS to significantly enhance airborne seeding operations, explained Adam Watts, Ph.D, the project’s lead and an assistant research professor at DRI.

“This is a major milestone,” said Watts. “Utilizing our state’s FAA test site designation, we were able to fly this advanced aircraft right here in Northern Nevada and verify that UAS are fully capable of carrying active cloud seeding payloads.”

The DAx8 is a robust multi-rotor aircraft for commercial and industrial applications. The unique eight-rotor design allows for the DAx8 to carry large payloads, while the advanced software and GPS guidance provide the aircraft with self-stabilizing capability and multi-waypoint navigation.

“We are extremely excited to have completed yet another step in reaching our goal of autonomous cloud seeding application,” said Mike Richards, President and CEO of Drone America.“Our joint research program with DRI is well on its way to revolutionizing the cloud seeding industry by providing safe airborne seeding with significant potential of providing relief to people in drought-stricken areas.”

The next phase of the project will be to conduct flight planning and test airborne flare deployment with Drone America’s Savant fixed-wing aircraft, said Watts.

This project is supported through Nevada’s Knowledge Fund.

For more information about DRI’s cloud seeding program please visit

For more information about Drone America please visit  


I wonder if the NOAA weather modification form(s) were filled out and submitted by DRI before and after doing these tests?

Nice that NOAA hid the WeatherMod form recently, and made it only available upon request!

NOAA only made this censorship move after we called them out for having a weather modification form while the National Weather Service DENIED any current government weather modification activities are taking place.

Luckily, we have the form saved for good in archives.


We sent a reporter to directly ask the director of the National Weather Service about current weather modification activities taking place.

See the NWS director deny knowledge of current weather modification activities, saying that companies who spray don’t tell the government because the information is PRIVATE to the companies doing the Weather Modification.

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