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“Hello, AP? Anyone home? Pick up. Don’t you see what you’re reporting? Don’t you get it?

So far, there are only six confirmed cases where a baby was born with microcephaly and also had the Zika virus. Six cases. That’s six.”

“There is absolutely no evidence that Zika is causing anything here. Zero evidence.”

Actually the one who really exposed the Zika Virus Hoax here is investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, by bringing to our attention what the idiots well paid presstitutes at AP are reporting, without connecting the dots.

The Associated Press is everything but clueless. Reuters and AP are owned and controlled by the Rothschilds.


Guess Who Owns The Patent On The Zika Virus? Yes, The Rockefeller Foundation!!!

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Zika: biggest news service in America absolutely clueless:

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2016

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First, many thanks to great investigative reporter and researcher, Jim West, for help on this story.

Okay, here we go.

Of course, I’m talking about the Associated Press (AP)—and its recent coverage of the Zika story: January 27, “270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.”

AP actually had its hands on the most explosive information possible, it reported that information in one stunning paragraph, and then it let that paragraph sit there like a dead corpse. It didn’t do anything with it. Just another day at the office. Connect the dots? See the implications? Never heard of it.

To set this up, earlier in the story, AP revealed that Brazilian researchers have been re-checking their own work on Zika, and lo and behold, the original 4,180 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment (microcephaly) have turned out to be only 270.

The Brazilians are going through more records. But so far, the “epidemic” is not even close to an epidemic. The whole story that has spread all over the world was based on 4,180 cases. Without that number, there would have been no story.

The AP piece then goes on to revelation number two. This is even more stunning:

“Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect [microcephaly/small heads, brain damage] and their mothers are being tested to see if they had been infected. Six of the 270 confirmed microcephaly cases were found to have the [Zika] virus.” (emphasis added)

Hello, AP? Anyone home? Pick up. Don’t you see what you’re reporting? Don’t you get it?

So far, there are only six confirmed cases where a baby was born with microcephaly and also had the Zika virus. Six cases. That’s six.

And on that basis, health agencies and governments and media outlets all over the world are going crazy with warnings about the Zika virus.

There is absolutely no evidence that Zika is causing anything here. Zero evidence.

To even begin to think a virus is causing a condition, you must be able to show that the virus is present in the overwhelming majority of cases.

That test has not been passed re Zika. It has utterly failed thus far.

With this information, the Associated Press did nothing. They didn’t press the experts. They didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t ask questions. They reported the bombshell…and then they walked away.

There’s more. In their story, AP reaches out to a representative of the CDC. The subject is the number of microcephaly cases in the US every year. They’re doing a comparison between the US and Brazil. AP states:

“The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist.”

The reader of the article shrugs and moves on. There’s only one problem. The CDC epidemiologist is dead wrong. Or the AP misprinted the number. Incompetently. Or on purpose. Who can say? I can’t, because although I phoned the AP yesterday and left a message about the egregious error, they haven’t gotten back to me. The AP error, you see, is this:

It isn’t 2,500 cases a year. It’s 25,000. As in thousand.

Every year in the US—and the conventional medical literature is very clear on this—there are 25,000 babies born with microcephaly.

(See “Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.)

Why is this significant? Because, obviously, the Zika virus isn’t the cause. In fact, the same literature states that any insult to the fetal brain during pregnancy can cause microcephaly. The mother falls down the stairs. She is severely malnourished. She ingests a poison, a street drug, a toxic medical drug.

But if the AP, in its story, had published the actual number of microcephaly cases in the US every year (25,000 not 2,500), and compared it to the known number of microcephaly cases in Brazil at this point (270), people might wake up and say, “Why is Brazil the focus? Why is the situation in Brazil causing a worldwide crisis? Are the World Health Organization and the CDC crazy?

The answer to that last question, of course, is yes. But not just crazy. First and foremost, they’re liars.

Referring back to my original point about the Brazilian researchers finding only 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly, and then only six of those with the Zika virus, the World Health Organization has taken that information and spun it—and media outlets have followed suit. The 270 Brazilian cases of microcephaly are now coupled with the phrase: “…with evidence of an infection.”

Let me translate that clever piece of manipulation. The implication is: all 270 cases also have the Zika virus. That’s what “infected” means.

Not just six cases with the virus. No. All 270 cases.

A lie.

So, all you women who are thinking about having a baby: don’t. Don’t get pregnant. Don’t travel to 22 countries. Believe the authorities. They know what’s best for you. They always do. Surely, there’s a global epidemic underway. Out of nine billion people, 270 in Brazil have microcephaly, and six of those have the virus that could impair your baby. This makes perfect sense. Of course it does. If you have the thinking power of a rock. If you’re committed to a life of abject fear, based on nothing.

Perhaps it’s dawning on some of you that we’re in the wrong business. We should be starting our own branch of Fear, Inc. Our product would sell like crazy.

Or we could just put the World Health Organization on our personal terror watch list.

Jon Rappoport

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* * *

Perhaps it’s dawning on some of you that we’re in the wrong business. We should be starting our own branch of Fear, Inc. Our product would sell like crazy.”

Totally agree that we are in the wrong business and in the worst paid one at that.

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Reuters & the Rotschilds …


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5 Responses to “The Zika Virus Hoax Exposed, “Thanks” To The Associated Press (AP): Of The 4,180 Suspected Microcephaly Cases Only 270 Could Be Confirmed And Of Those 270 Cases Only 6 Cases Were Confirmed To Have The Zika Virus. SIX CASES!!!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    How about fukushima?


    Microcephaly is a malformation associated with in utero exposed atomic bomb survivors and can be induced in mice by fetal exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). The pathogenesis of IR-induced microcephaly, however, has not been fully understood. Our analyses of high-coverage expression profiling (HiCEP) demonstrated that the abnormal spindle-like microcephaly associated gene (ASPM) was down-regulated in irradiated human diploid fibroblasts. ASPM was recently reported as the causative gene for MCPH-5, the most common type of congenital microcephaly in humans. Here, we show that the expression of the Aspm gene was significantly reduced by IR in various human and murine cells. Additionally, Aspm was found downregulated in the irradiated fetal mouse brain, particularly in the ventricular zones. A similar suppression was observed in the irradiated neurosphere cultures. This is the first report suggesting that the suppression of Aspm by IR could be the initial molecular target leading to the future microcephaly formation.

    KeywordsASPMIonizing radiationNeural stem cellsMicrocephaly

  2. henk korbee Says:

    Whom is trustworthy? It reminds me of ‘Mexican flue’ which was a gift from God for politicians and pharma-industry. Now again? Stupidity is unmeasurable.

  3. Ed Ski Says:

    vaccines are what to look at here for causation. both GMO mosquitoes and vaccine programs are sponsored by the gates foundation.

  4. Stan B Says:

    Your assertion of 25,000 per year flies in the face of the US CDC assertions that microcephaly ranges from 2 / 10,0000 to 12/10,000 live births per year (that’s quite a range) with an estimated upper limit of 4718 for 2013. I found a British site that uses an even lower estimate of ~400 per year in the US.

    That being said, if you use the same rates of microcephaly for the US on Brazil’s approximately 2.8 million live births per year, you get 3360 for the upper limit. If they are actually only seeing 270 per year, then they are more in line with the British Site that I found for US figures.

    Again, the important takeaway is 6 cases of the virus in the population of 270 means that you have no basis for a worldwide scare.

  5. DANWDO-1 Says:

    Very Obvious Relation Between Zika And Nudity — It should be an easily noticed point, that the Zika Epidemic is widespreading chiefly in the countries where the “Nudity Carnivals” are over-regularly and over-repeatedly and over-insistingly being held and demonstrated and broadcasted. It cannot be taken as a coincidence, of course, for two main reasons. The 1st one is quite general for such able-to-spread diseases : History books say that Illicit and Unstraight Sexual Behaviours have for 100s of years been punished by Unprecedented Forms of Diseases ; The 2nd one is quite specific for such mosquito-spread diseases : The hyper-nudity itself, as an ‘open invitation’ for mosquitoes to land and penetrate, is overwhelming the stricken countries and is overly practiced and overly advertized-for in the Hyper-Nude Carnivals, which are sponsored by the same ‘Global Ring’ that sponsors the ‘Unprecedented Virii’ research !! — Those badness-sponsoring ‘Global Oppressors’ know from back in time, that their depopulation weapons can destroy other nations, Only if those other nations fall first to the archaic trap of obeying the Global Ring’s mis-instructions of performing harshly sinful practices.
    For that, I was surprized to get the news of a “New Nude Carnival” in Brazil, just after getting the news about the terrifying spreading of Zika in South America !! – Have ‘Los Americanos del Sur’ failed largely to envision the inevitable link between viral Zika And explicit Nudity ? Is it so difficult for South American Women to paralyze the Zika Epidemic, by just Covering their Breasts and Bellies and and Buttocks and Thighs ?!?!

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