Jan 25


A Global Martial Force Is Being Assembled- Facebook to Provide Intel On American Citizens:

Earlier today, I published a report which detailed the threat posed to Facebook users. Reportedly, Facebook is releasing private information to the Chinese military. This is to aid the Chinese military when they are called in by the UN to restore order inside the United as civil unrest is tearing apart the country in an economic collapse scenario. I have also covered how Facebook data is mined by the NSA and is being used to compile an enemies of the state list, we frequently refer to as the “Red List”.

Below is an astute Info Wars report on the creation of a world-wide martial law force. There is no question that Infowars and The Common Sense Show are speaking about the same programs with the same objectives.

Compare my earlier article about Facebook’s release of personal information to the Chinese military in preparation for martial law. to the following Infowars report.  There is little room for doubt that Facebook is providing early intel for a foreign troop occupation of the United States under the color of martial law.

NATO has been dubbed as the international enforcement agent. See the following report from Infowars.



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