Dec 27

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Another Bubble Pops: Used Boeing 777 Sells For 97% Off List Price:

Ten days ago, Delta CEO Richard Anderson sent shockwaves through the aviation industry when he announced he had just purchased a used Boeing 777 for the paltry price of $7.7 million. Here is the punchline: Boeing’s list price for a new 777-200ER is $277.3 million, meaning Delta is buying a used 777 at a price 97.2% lower than the value of a new 777.


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6 Responses to “Another Bubble Pops: Used Boeing 777 Sells For 97% Off List Price!!!”

  1. Squodgy Says:

    I wonder if it was an ex Evergreen Airways or even Malaysian Airlines one they decided they just couldn’t use again as Joe Public is getting a bit wise.

  2. squodgy Says:

    The Rise of the Phoenix….

  3. squodgy Says:

    Sorry about the above, Firefox very slow. This is the Phoenix

  4. squodgy Says:

    More lies, disinfo, propaganda & manipulation.

    Osborne has been lying for three years at least. There is no growth, hasn’t been for years.I know it, the people know it, and we just hope we can weather it before the next election toff trouncing.

    Apart from that, as I said many times, “growth” is not necessary. It ONLY benefits the banksters.

  5. squodgy Says:

    Here is the chart showing a 16% drop in the FTSE over the last eight months.^ftse&t=1y&c=#{%22allowChartStacking%22:true}

  6. squodgy Says:

    Could the elite plan be crumbling, or is this just another phase?

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