Dec 20

New parties win big in Spain election, ruling conservatives lose majority:

Spain’s left-wing potential block is set to win an absolute majority in the Spanish Parliament, with 99 percent of votes counted. The Socialist Party is projected to win 90 seats, while the anti-austerity party, Podemos, is to get 42 (69). The ruling People’s Party is at 123 seats.

Since Podemos is affiliated with a number of regional electoral coalitions, which have different names in different regions, alternative counts give the number of seats they have secured as 69. This includes 12 seats from Catalonian En Comú Podem, 6 seats from Galician En Marea, and 9 more seats from the Compromís-Podemos-És el moment coalition in Valencia.

The leader of Podemos party Pablo Iglesias told his supporters that this is a “historic” day for Spain, as it ushers in a new political era.

“Today is a historic day for Spain… We are starting a new political era in our country,” Iglesias said. “Spain is not going to be the same anymore.”

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