Jul 12

Is It Time To Panic Yet? (ZeroHedge, July 12, 2015):

The world’s ‘teacup’ runneth over with ‘storms’…

Is it time to panic yet

Source: Townhall.com

Perhaps that is why NYSE ‘broke’ this week…

time to panic

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  1. Marilyn Gjerdrum Says:

    With the Greek revolt against the greedy guts, fermented with the triple bubble burst in China, along with the weakness of the Euro and the greatly overextended US dollar…..I see a tsunami forming of incredible dimensions……

    Is it time to panic? I don’t know what good panic has ever done anyone. It is too late for any voices of reason to prevail, the greedy and the mindless have taken over………….Their insanity will be enough, we don’t need to panic, we have all seen it coming.

    It is upon us. Whoever said it would start in Summer of 2015 was spot on…….

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