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One Response to “Prof. Chris Busby: Help Save Children Of Fukushima From Radiation! (Video Exposing The Evil Japanese Government)”

  1. Philip Wagnitz Says:

    I live in Saga, Japan which is located on the southern island of Kyushu. What evidence do you have that I can verify here about the burning of radioactive materials around Japan. Nobody here will believe this unless you can pin it down and prove it. I would like to know so I can do some leg work and find a location where the materials are being burned. If I can track the source and shoot footage and pictures, maybe we can get someone here to actually listen and do something. As you may already know, Saga is the location that accepted MOX and recently was caught up in scandals concerning the restart of reactors here. The local media is not to be trusted. They are on the take. The local government is on the take. Actually, as the story unfolds, it is hard to find anybody that isn’t on the take. I have a seven year old daughter and I teach children. The Japanese say they are concerned, but they never take action on their own. Give me something to go on.

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