255 CPM Radioactive Manure Purchased In Southern California August 2011

YouTube Added: 15.08.2011

This manure was purchased in Redlands, Ca at the local home improvement store. Thankfully I tested this before I used it in my yard.

(The computer I use is laggy when the web cam is on and creates a bit of lag (this is why you see the needle jump like it does). Then when I edited the video down, it added more lag. Here is a copy of the video on ustream unedited (ustream.tv/recorded/16558504)­. The probe on this Geiger Counter is a LND 7311 and detects Alpha, Gamma and Beta. I have about 10 bags of this manure and brought in a small ziploc bag full inside so I could graph the results on the computer.

I’ve been monitoring since March of this year and currently have 154 videos posted on ustream.)

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