Aug 17

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9 Responses to “Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001”

  1. Hans Says:

    Wow… Was this image photoshopped or is that for real ?

  2. McClane Says:

    It’s real. Check your dvd. You’ll have to rotate the image 180 degrees though.

  3. Jeff Dohlan Says:

    WOW nice find, matrix rocks 🙂

  4. SOLLOG Says:

    funny how so many are intrigued by a mere MOVIE coincidence linked to 911.

    thats nothing compared to the post in google timestamped back in 1998 which was titled 911, posted on sept 11 and warned of a major emergency to happen in DC on 911.

    or the second post by LEO PHOENIX posted 7 days before the WTC attack warning about a BIG EVENT of catastrophic nature striking the USA on SEPT 11, 2001. this post is still archived on google

    if that werent enough, you can go back to a prophecy warning about TERRORISM in SEPTEMBER and EXPLOSION in BIG BUILDING in NEW YORK CITY.

    all connected back to someone named SOLLOG… the ONE the matrix is really about

  5. Paul revere Says:

    Another freaky thing , on that same scene. When agent smith opens the file there are case numbers that say al gore w/ a vote 4 encoded . Gore ran 4 pres.


  6. Insimniac Says:

    The matrix wasn’t based on a specific person, rather a movie symbolic to our reality which is a fiction in which where given to be distracted from the truth. That you and I are nothing more than U.S. Property with your human capital(Life Force if you will) pledged as collateral to power the huge machine that is the United States Economy.

  7. Insimniac Says:

    The Movie is basically telling you to wake up! Director’s throughout cinematic
    history have embedded hidden messages in their story lines. You just dont know enough about the real wordl you live in to pick up on the subtle hints left for you.

  8. sdfjgnsdfjkgdsklgm Says:

    Show the video scene.

  9. Steve Says:

    Hy first matrix was on 1999 but the terror attack after 2 years later ,this situation i i think only random!but i am not sure!do you think the something conspiracy?

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