Hungarian Govt Blasts ‘Ignorant’ Western Coverage of Immigration Referendum

Exclusive: Hungarian Govt Blasts ‘Ignorant’ Western Coverage of Immigration Referendum:

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungarian government spokesman  Zoltán Kovács has criticised Western Media for their coverage of Hungarian political affairs, accusing them of uncritically reproducing information broadcast by minor opposition movements in the country and exercising an ignorance of Hungary in their coverage.

An overwhelming majority of voters rejected the mandatory migrant redistribution plans of the European Union (EU) in Hungary on Sunday, with 98 per cent voting to reject the bloc’s plan.

The aftermath of the referendum has seen Western media argue over the validity of the vote as it didn’t reach the 50 per cent turnout threshold, and to question the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government.

Spokesman for the Hungarian government  Zoltán Kovács sat down with Breitbart London in his office in Budapest. He didn’t mince words when it came to the Western media.

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