Apr 30

The SHOCKING Inside Scoop On Being a Guest Writer At Zero Hedge:

by ‘George Washington’ of Washington’s Blog

I’ve been a guest writer at Zero Hedge for quite a few years.

Shocking as it may seem, “Tyler” and the gang have put absolutely no pressure on me to spin stories one way or the other.

… Or to avoid any topics.

I’ve asked Tyler more than once whether I should write on a certain topic, and he’s consistently – and shockingly – said I should write whatever I want.

For example,  on September 30, 2009, I asked Tyler about posting rules.

He replied: Continue reading »

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Apr 29

Zero Hedge logo

Full article here:

The Full Story Behind Bloomberg’s Attempt To “Unmask” Zero Hedge:

Over the years, Zero Hedge has proven to be a magnet for media attention.

It started years ago with a NY Magazine article published in September 2009 which first “unmasked” the people behind Zero Hedge with the “The Dow Zero Insurgency: The nothing-can-be-believed chaos of the financial crisis created a golden opportunity for a blog run by a mysterious ex-hedge-funder with a dodgy past and conspiracy theories to burn” in which we were presented as a bunch of “conspiracy theory” tin foil hat paranoid loons.

We are ok with being typecast as “conspiracy theorists” as these “theories” tend to become “conspiracy fact” months to years later. Continue reading »

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