BREAKING NEWS! EMERGENCY: Norwegian Institute For Air Research (NILU): ‘ZARDOZ’ Files Show Radiation At VERY HIGH Levels Over The US And Canada (05/12/2011)


In this video you are going to see radiation forecasts from NILU, that just has officially stopped its radiation forecasts.

ZARDOZ? Just another coincidence, right?

Urgent: Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) Ends Public Radiation Forecasts Just As Map Shows Large Radiation Clouds (Videos) Over The US And Canada

Watchdog criticizes Feds: ‘With the Japanese nuclear situation still out of control and expected to continue that way for months and with elevated radioactivity continuing to show up in the U.S., it is inexplicable that EPA would shut down its Fukushima radiation monitoring effort’

Canada Joins US In Cutting Back Radiation Reporting, Testing Of Milk

Nuclear Expert Horrified That Feds Abandon Extra Radiation Monitoring of Milk And Water

Radiation Forecast Overview And Update: Cesium-137 Buildup, Xenon In The Air On West Coast

Fairewinds’ Founder Maggie Gundersen Interviews Environmental Scientist Marco Kaltofen: Radiation In Food Is Going To Be A Nationwide Problem In The US!

save these files NOW.. backup .. mirror and share IMMEDIATELY.. before they take it all down with the rest of the information!!!;O=D

what is zardoz?

and here is the information on ZARDOZ .. the post apocolyptic NUCLEAR FALLOUT world where Sean Connery plays a “mutant” .. and human reproduction is considered bad.

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