Feb 07

Yeah, right.

And radiation is good for you!


“We Just Need To Print More Money” Bank Of Japan’s New Board Member Clarifies Endgame (Zerohedge, Jan 6, 2015):

The Abe administration nominated a major proponent of reflationary (inflationary) monetary policy to the central bank’s board, buttressing Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s efforts to save the nation from the dread of deflation. As Bloomberg reports, economist Yutaka Harada, who will replace Ryuzo Miyao, has said Japan can beat deflation by printing money in a 2013 book “Reflationary Policy Revives Japan’s Economy.” So far that is not working so try harder… “The nomination is a good news for Kuroda… he will keep a majority on the board and win what he wants.” Why such good news? As deputy director at the finance ministry’s Policy Research Institute, Harada exclaimed, “we just need to print money.” Continue reading »

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