Tokyo Assemblyman To School Children: Don’t Be an Egoist, Eat Your School Lunch To Share The Pain Of Tohoku

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City Assemblyman in Tokyo to School Children: Don’t Be an Egoist, Eat Your School Lunch to Share the Pain of Tohoku (EX-SKF, Jan. 25, 2012):

An assemblyman in Itabashi-ku, one of the 23 Special Wards in Tokyo, writes in his official blog that egoism fostered by the post-World War II education system is the root cause of this unscientific, rumor-based hysteria of the parents who want their children not to eat school lunch and instead want them to bring their own lunch boxes and water for fear of internal radiation exposure from contaminated food items used in school lunch.

45-year-old Assemblyman Yoshiyuki Motoyama‘s main message: “Those of us, who have been spared of the damage from the disaster, must share the pain of Tohoku people.”

Japan toward the end of the World War II had a national slogan: All citizens of Japan to die rather than allow surrender – δΈ€ε„„ηŽ‰η •. Some people seem to want to re-start that campaign.

From the blog post by Yoshiyuki Motoyama, assemblyman from Itabashi-ku, Tokyo on 1/23/2012:

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