Sep 20

“Thanks to the US support of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, which has included not only the bomb recently used on a MSF hospital, but also supplies of white phosphorus, over 3,700 civilians have been killed and some 2.8 million displaced. Since coming to office seven years ago, the Obama administration has made over $115 billion worth of arms sales to the Saudis – more than any other US presidential administration.”

US Supplies Saudi Arabia With White Phosphorus, Provided Bombs Used In Strike On MSF Hospital

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Sep 05

A calamity is unfolding in Yemen and it is time world woke up:

The humanitarian calamity in Yemen entered a terrifying new phase of horror this month as air strikes on the capital city of Sanaa started again after a five-month lull.

Planes from the Saudi-led coalition bombarded the city following the collapse of peace talks in Kuwait. The assaults are destroying civilian infrastructure, and threaten to prevent food and desperately needed aid from reaching the capital.

A young girl undergoes hospital treatment in Sadaa (Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi/MEE)
Many of the attacks seem to have been indiscriminate. At least 16 people, all of them said to have been women and children, died when a potato crisp factory was struck.

The nearest military post was more than one kilometre away and a friend of the owner told us that there was no military activity on the site.

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Aug 21

putin saleh
President Putin and former Yemen president Ali Saleh, in 2002

Yemen Offers Russia Use Of Its Airports And Ports In “Fight Against Terrorism”:

While Obama was golfing in the midst of another Louisiana natural disaster, and is set to end his vacation so he can do what is truly important, support Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, Putin has been busy making new friends: first he did the seemingly impossible, having rekindled relations with Turkey to the point where Ankara itself is warning it may quit NATO to seek “military cooperation” with Russia, followed quickly by strengthening relations with Iran so that Moscow can now use an Iranian airbase to strike ISIS, much to the angry dismay of the US and the United Nations, the latest stunning pivot toward Russia comes from yet another civil war-torn nation, Yemen, whose former president, Abdullah Saleh, said its newly-formed governing council could work with Russia to “fight terrorism” by allowing Moscow use of the war-torn country’s military bases.

What makes the announcement even more striking is that Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s ex-president who was toppled by mass protests in 2011 as part of the Arab Spring launched by none other than the US when it “intervened” in Libya and Egypt, was a former staunch counter-terrorism ally of the US; it is this former US ally who told state-owned channel Russia 24 that Yemen was ready to grant Moscow access to air and naval bases.

In the fight against terrorism we reach out and offer all facilities. Our airports, our ports… We are ready to provide this to the Russian Federation,” Saleh said in an interview in Sanaa. Continue reading »

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Aug 20

H/t reader squodgy:

“A new high point for American Hypocrisy.

The US reaches new levels in corruption, incompetence and hypocrisy every week.”


Shameless Hypocrisy: U.S. condemns latest Saudi bombing of Yemeni hospital while continuing to supply the weapons:

Monday’s bombing by the Saudi-led coalition of yet another Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Yemen, which killed 11 people and wounded at least 19 more, earned a rare admonition of the Saudis by the U.S. State Department.

“Of course, we condemn the attack,” State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau uncharacteristically asserted. Continue reading »

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Aug 20

Doctors Without Borders Withdraws From North Yemen After Multiple Bombing By Saudi Arabia:

MSF said that aerial bombardment had continued despite its sharing of its hospitals’ GPS co-ordinates with the parties involved in the conflict, including the one in Hajjah governorate attacked on Monday.

Doctors Without Borders has announced that it is withdrawing from northern Yemen due to what it called “indiscriminate bombings and unreliable reassurances” from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Shiite rebels in the country.

The medical aid group, known by its French acronym MSF, said an attack on a hospital it supported in the area had killed 19 people and wounded 24 on Monday – a higher death toll after some of the wounded had died. Earlier, 11 were reported killed. Continue reading »

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Aug 13

At least 10 children killed in Yemen after school reportedly hit in airstrike:

At least ten children have been killed and almost thirty injured in north-western Yemen, Doctors Without Borders said after a reported airstrike on a religious school.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Twitter that at least ten school children have been left dead and 28 injured in Yemen’s Saada province.

Al-Alam News Network and Iran’s Tasnim news agency said some 50 school children were killed. Continue reading »

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Aug 09

US Dramatically Escalates Role in Support of War Crimes Against Yemen:

Between the year and a half Saudi war against Yemen not achieving the expected quick victory, and the growing talk of war crimes as the civilian death toll from Saudi airstrikes soars, a lot of nations would be looking to distance themselves from the disastrous failure. Not the US, however, as they brag up their escalating support for the Saudi air war.

The newest data, released by Central Command, reveals that US refueling operations in Yemen are up some 60% over the past six months, a span of time which included a long ceasefire and failed peace talks. The Saudis never stopped bombing though, and the US never stopped facilitating. Continue reading »

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May 23

‘Absolute Scandal’: Illegal UK-Made Cluster Bombs Found In Yemeni Village Attacked By Saudis:

Banned UK-manufactured cluster bombs have been found in a Yemeni village targeted in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, leading to calls for the UK to come clean on its weapon sales and military support to Saudi Arabia.

The unexploded BL-755 cluster bomb is designed to be dropped from the UK-made Tornado aircraft used by the Saudi Air Force. It was found in a village in the north of the conflict-torn Gulf nation.

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Apr 16

Media Silent as US and UK Train Saudi Forces Responsible for War Crimes in Yemen

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Mar 31

A Child Is Killed or Maimed Every Four Hours in War-Torn Yemen:

Yemen — A child has been killed or maimed every four hours in the year since Saudi-led airstrikes began in Yemen — a sevenfold increase over the previous year. Though this is likely a tragic underestimation of the true number, nearly one-third of all civilian casualties are children.

According to a report from UNICEF, the bombing campaign has taken an extraordinary toll on the civilian population in Yemen: Continue reading »

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Feb 25

European Parliament Demands Arms Embargo After Saudis Rack Up “Impressive” 3,000 Civilian Kills In Yemen:

The issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia by Western countries has always been a contentious topic in some circles.

At the conceptual level, something seems inherently wrong with selling advanced weapons to a government that promotes an ultra puritanical form of Islam that sanctions gruesome executions and treats women as second class citizens. Throw in the fact that Riyadh actively seeks to export this very same poisonous ideology and there’s a moral case to be made for not signing arms deals with what amounts to a terror state where the only claim to legitimacy is oil wealth. Continue reading »

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Feb 07

Britain is at war with Yemen. So why does nobody know about it?

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Feb 04


Media Ignores Dozens of Blackwater Mercenaries Killed in Yemen

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Feb 01

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Jan 28

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight. Over the course of 119 discrete sorties, Saudi Arabi bombed refugee camps, weddings, civilian cars, buses, people’s homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, residential neighborhoods, an Oxfam warehouse, treated “entire cities as military targets,” and chased after fleeing civilians with attack helicopters.”

Saudi Arabia Conducted 119 Airstrikes Against Civilian Targets In Yemen, UN Panel Finds:

In March, Saudi Arabia’s air campaign in Yemen will enter its second year.

Riyadh began flying combat missions last year in an effort to rollback the Iran-backed militiamen who drove Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi into exile. The results of the strikes have been mixed. The Houthis were driven from Aden but the fight for Sana’a is far from over. Continue reading »

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Jan 23


Saudis Drop US Bombs on Ambulance in Yemen:

Saada, Yemen — In the latest of a mounting number of similar cases, a Saudi airstrike killed at least eighteen people on Thursday — including a Doctors Without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF)-affiliated ambulance that had just arrived on the scene to aid victims from a previous strike.

It should be noted the Saudi-led coalition has been accused multiple times, including less than two weeks ago, of employing U.S.-made weapons — including internationally-banned cluster bombs — to attack civilians. The U.S., itself, has been waging a heavy drone campaign in the war-ravaged nation — two people were killed on Tuesday by a U.S. drone — and a report in September proved U.S. drones have been responsible for more civilian deaths than even al-Qaeda.

According to the MSF press release: Continue reading »

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Jan 11


US-Backed Coalition Just Bombed ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital:

(MiddleEastEye) A missile strike on a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Yemen killed at least four people on Sunday, the group said, condemning what it called a “worrying pattern” of such attacks. The raid was the third of its kind in four months in the war-ravaged country, where a Saudi-led coalition has been battling Houthis who have seized territory from the internationally-recognised government.

It also follows a US strike in Afghanistan on a facility run by the Paris-based medical humanitarian organisation, known by its French acronym MSF, which killed 42 people in October. Continue reading »

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Jan 08

People gather at the site of a Saudi-led air strike in Yemens capital Sanaa January 6, 2016

US-made cluster bombs used by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen attacks – HRW:

Cluster munitions sold to Saudi Arabia by the US were used in attacks on residential neighborhoods in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said, calling for an international inquiry into the alleged war crime.

Saudi-led coalition forces seriously violated the laws of war by airdropping the “indiscriminate weapon” on populated areas in the Yemeni capital on January 6, HRW said in a report published on Thursday.

The coalition’s repeated use of cluster bombs in the middle of a crowded city suggests an intent to harm civilians, which is a war crime,” HRW arms director Steve Goose said, adding that these attacks are “outrageous.” Continue reading »

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Jan 07

Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Bombing Its Embassy In Yemen


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Dec 30


Caught On Tape: Saudi Warplanes Vaporize Coca Cola Plant In Yemen



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Dec 01



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Oct 08

Saudi Arabia Bombs Second Yemeni Wedding in a Week – At Least 23 Dead:

Saudi Arabia, the recently crowned head of a UN human rights panel and close U.S. government ally, has now bombed two wedding parties in Yemen in just over a week. Yes, you read that right.

The New York Times reports:

SANA, Yemen — Airstrikes by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia hit a house south of the capital on Wednesday, killing at least 23 people who were attending a wedding party, said witnesses and a local medical worker.

The attack was the second airstrike on a wedding in Yemen in a little over a week, and it added to growing criticism over the coalition’s air campaign, which has killed more than 1,100 civilians over the past six months, according to the United Nations. Continue reading »

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Oct 02

Saudi Arabia-1
Saudi Arabia Forces the UN to Drop Humanitarian Inquiry Into Yemen Atrocities:

The following would be funny, if it weren’t so incredibly sad. The United Nations’ spiral into clownish insignificance continues unabated.

From the New York Times:

GENEVA — In a U-turn at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Western governments dropped plans Wednesday for an international inquiry into human rights violations by all parties in the war in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians in the last six months. Continue reading »

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Sep 30


Saudi Arabia Seizes Iranian Ship “Laden With Missile Launchers, Anti-Tank Weapons”:

With Syria making national headlines on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about the Middle East’s other proxy war raging in Yemen.

For months, a Saudi-led coalition has been battling Iran-backed militants for control of the country which was effectively wrested from Mansour Hadi earlier this year when the Sauid-backed President was forced to flee to Riyadh as the Houthis advanced on Aden.  Continue reading »

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Sep 29

38 Dead After Saudi Arabia, Head of UN Human Rights Panel, Bombs Wedding in Yemen

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Sep 22

US Drones Responsible For More Civilian Deaths in Yemen than Al Qaeda:

According to a U.N. report published last week, U.S. drone strikes have killed roughly 40 Yemeni civilians in the past year. The figure is 60% greater than the number of civilians killed by al Qaeda in that same period. al Qaeda is reportedly responsible for 24 civilian deaths.

The government’s ongoing drone strikes in Yemen are little-known to the general American public. Many Americans still believe the U.S. military is only involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality, the military is running offensive operations in  Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries in the region. Continue reading »

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Sep 07

The violence in two of the world’s conflict hot spots escalated materially over the weekend after a Houthi rocket attack in Marib killed 45 UAE soldiers, prompting the delpoyment of an additional 1,000 Qatari troops and triggering stepped up Saudi airstrikes. Meanwhile, in Turkey, roadside bombings blamed on the PKK mean Ankara will look to plunge the country deeper into civil war ahead of elections in November.

Powder Kegs Exploding: Violence Escalates In Turkey, Yemen As Mid-East Tips Towards Chaos (ZeroHedge, Sep 7, 2015)

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Aug 04


Dramatic Footage Of Saudi Tanks Invading Yemen (ZeroHedge, Aug 4, 2015):

There are competing accounts as to exactly what happened at the Al Anad airbase in Yemen on Monday, where Saudi-backed forces loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi reportedly routed Houthi rebels, marking the latest in a series of setbacks for the Iran-backed group which forced Hadi to flee to Riyadh earlier this year, plunging Yemen into a bloody civil war.

According to the Houthis, coalition forces were “crushed” and their vehicles destroyed, but a spokesman for the Popular Resistance said most of the base was in coalition hands. Here’s WSJ:

Forces fighting for a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen have defeated the country’s Houthi rebels at a strategic southern air base, the Yemeni defense ministry said Tuesday. Continue reading »

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Jun 13


Saudi Warplanes Destroy 2,500 Year Old Heritage Site In Yemen (ZeroHedge, June 13, 2015)

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Jun 06

In Major Escalation, Yemen Rebels Fire Scud Missile Into Saudi Arabia (ZeroHedge, June 6, 2015):

On Saturday, Riyadh claimed Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis, in concert with forces loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, for the first time fired a scud missile at Saudi Arabia.

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