US: Snow Causes Catastrophic Loss To Onion Crop With As Much As $100 Million In Damages

Snow causes catastrophic loss to onion crop:

As much as $100 million in damages after dozens of onion storage sheds and facilities collapse during the harshest winter in memory.

27 Jan 2017 – The buildings collapsed under the weight of up to 40 inches of snow that buried Idaho and Eastern Oregon,” says this article on

“It’s an absolute catastrophe,” said Shay Myers, general manager of Owyhee Produce in Nyssa. Three of the company’s storage sheds and the building housing one of its packing lines collapsed.

An estimated 150 farm- and non-farm-related buildings have been destroyed along with millions upon millions of pounds of onions.  That’s because once the onions are exposed to the cold and freeze, they are no good.

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Ice on Danube River 13-ft thick – Emergency situation in 6 Serbian municipalities

Ice on Danube River 13-ft thick – Emergency situation in 6 Serbian municipalities:

Ice on the Danube at the Dalj Bend is four meters (13 ft) thick, says MUP Emergency Situations Sector chief Predrag Matic.

According to Maric, two more Hungarian icebreakers  will arrive in Serbia to reopen the river to navigation all the way to Belgrade.

Maric said that low temperatures will continue until January 23, resulting in more ice forming on the river.

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And Now The Weather… Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Slovakia: Coldest night ever – Extreme cold across the Canadian prairies

Greek islands buried under 2 meters of snow – Before and after videos:

Almost 7 feet of snow! Videos show the islands of Skopelos and Alonisos before and after the snowstorm.

Ukraine – Severe freeze may damage winter grain crops

Record lows in the Maritimes:

One record goes back to 1880

Extreme cold across the Canadian prairies:

Minus 30C (-22F) in a HUGE number of areas (not exactly sure how the ice is supposed to be melting at these temperatures).

Perth, Australia – Coldest winter in more than 20 years:

But headline talks about 2016 being the coldest year in a decade.

Snow on Greek and Italian beaches – Video

Greek islands declare state of emergency after record snowfall:

Record snowfall on Prince Edward Island:

Not the first record broken this winter.

Rewriting history in Slovakia – Coldest night ever:

“An absolute record in the history of measurements available to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.

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European Rivers and Bays Freeze, Istanbul Paralyzed & Record Snow Greece AGAIN (Video)



With record cold still covering Eastern Europe, parts of the Mediterranean and Turkey, rivers and waterways across the region have begun to freeze. More record snow for Greece, this time 6+ inches on the beaches, Istanbul paralyzed from all time snowfall record 3+ feet in one day.

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Europe Freezes: Snow on Greek & Italian Beaches, S.E. USA Snow Covered (Video) – #Snowpocalypse



Europe engulfed in blizzards and record breaking snows down to the beaches of southern Italy and Greece. Coldest Orthodox Christian Christmas Eve in 120 years, Bosporus Straight closed due to sea ice and high winds, Istanbul slammed with 2+ feet of snow. Eastern Europe’s roads impassable and the Danube River freezes over.

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And Now The Weather… California: 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours – Far colder than normal in Russia – “Brutal cold” in Germany – Snowing in New Zealand … In high summer

Snow into the South – State of Emergency declared in three states

Saskatchewan – Temps to plummet to near or below -30 C (-22 F)

California – 6½ feet of snow in 72 hours:

Ten to fifteen feet of snow for California

Austria – “Winter is returning – and how!”

Far colder than normal in Russia:

-40ºC (-40ºF) frosts to come in Central Russia.

“Brutal cold” in Germany:

In the east and south German highlands temperatures have already plummeted to – 10 C. But it will get a lot worse.

In the night from Friday to Saturday some parts of Germany temperatures are expected to drop to minus 25 C (-13F).

“Great cold” in eastern France:

“Grand froid: – 15°C dans l’Est de la France,” reads the headline.

Idaho – Most snow on the ground, any day of the year, any year

Boise sets TWO snowfall records 

Villages isolated by snow in Iraq:

Temperature drops to 6 below zero

Schools in E. Idaho (where it’s COLD) – close because it’s TOO cold:

Wind chills expected to reach minus 30 (-34C) across eastern Idaho tomorrow.

Snowing in New Zealand – In high summer

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And Now The Weather…

A bit of cold and snow to start Canadian New Year:

Minus 45 C to minus 50 C (-49 F to -58 F) for some areas – Snowfall warnings for many areas.

Bulgaria – Hundreds of people rescued from snowdrifts

Intense cold and snow in southern Italy

Billings breaks snowfall record for entire month of December

Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources Gets Honest About Climate Change

Baker City, Oregon, closes in on snowfall record

A record-breaking 48 states could drop below freezing

Bismarck, North Dakota, on track to beat snowfall record

Turkey – Heavy snowfall in Ankara and Konya

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And Now The Weather …

Heavy snowfall on Island of Crete

Snowfall amounts reported for Quebec:

Snow twenty inches deep in Greece – Video

Big snow dump continues in Quebec – Lesser amounts elsewhere

Rare snowfall in Athens:

Snow at elevation zero!

“Terrible storm of snow in Istanbul”

Snowfall forecast for Libya

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And Now The Weather … Boston: Coldest December 16 in 133 years – Record snowfall in Victoria, B.C. – Record snowfall in Kurdistan

Boston – Coldest December 16 in 133 years

Below-normal temperatures expected across entire northern half of U.S.

Record snowfall in Victoria, B.C.

Montana – Two record-breaking days of snowfall in Helena this week

New Hampshire – MINUS 85 Degrees wind chill on Mount Washington

Syracuse breaks 99-year cold record

Canada – Extreme cold in west continues

More record lows in British Columbia

2, 4, even 6 feet of snow for California mountains

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Grand Solar Minimum, Global Elite Using Police State to Control Food: Adapt 2030 Interview (Full Video – MUST-SEE!!!)


Michael DePinto from Right Wing Conspirator interviews David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 on the political events around the world and how it relates to the new grand solar minimum. From population migration, to currency devaluation , proxy wars and saber rattling, its all a grand plan to control the masses when food shortages rock our planet in 2018-2019.


Michael DePinto’s Website:


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And Now The Weather… – #Maunder Minimum, #GlobalCooling, #ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming (Videos)


BC Hydro sets new record in these freezing temperatures

Well over 2 ft of snow headed for Washington, Oregon and Idaho

Extreme cold warnings for prairie provinces

Cold leads to record electricity use in Alberta

Life-threatening cold could hit northern U.S. next week

Hillsboro, Oregon – Outdoor ice skating rink closed due to ice.

Chill factor minus 60 degrees in Greenland

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Record 2016 Snowfall in North American Cities Matches Maunder Minimum Cooling Areas (Video)



With first snows of the season being totaled across North America, record after record has fallen. If we look back at the last 8 years we see a clear trend of increasing snow totals year upon year that match with the grand solar minimum of the 1600’s.

Russian snowboarder boarder shreds majestic Palace Square in St. Petersburg…
Current Ocean Surface temperatures vs NASA temperatures……
Global Analysis – October 2016…
Record Snow Chicago……
Record snowfall in Madison, Wisconsin…

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Alleged “Consensus on Climate Change” Is Actually Only 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists (Video)


Alleged “Consensus on Climate Change” Is Actually Only 75 Hand-Picked US Scientists (Video):

Considering that we’re living in a time when news outlets on both sides of the political spectrum are screaming “fake news” about anything and everything written or said by anyone other than themselves,  this article and the video before it will come as fantastic news for anyone looking to retire their status as a “climate denier” for good.

If the whole “climate change” debate wasn’t so dishonest, so corrupt, and so fraudulent, once you finally find out where the numbers liberals have been throwing at you for years actually come from, you’d probably die of laughter. Unfortunately, when you consider how many hard working Americans Al Gore must have stolen from to become a billionaire based on a perpetual lie, it becomes less funny. 

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And Now The Weather …


Winter storm warnings for parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and B.C.

Record snowfall in Madison, Wisconsin

Record-busting snowfall in Chicago

Extreme cold to grip most of ‘Lower 48’ this week

Snowfall stops fighting in Kurdistan

10 to 22 inches snow headed for Rockies

Extreme cold freezes longest river in Turkey

Hawaii now expected to get 3 feet of snow

Magadan – Heavy snow could collapse roofs and canopies

Snow and blizzards for Estonia

Up to 4 inches of snow for Seattle area

Related video from 2010: Video – Snow and Seattle don’t mix:

Sliding Cars in Seattle – Wait ’til you see the bus sliding sideways.

Moscow – Coldest November in the 21st century

Snowstorm paralyzes traffic in Yekaterinburg

Poland – 180,000 households lose power

New Brunswick – More than 12,000 homes and businesses without power

Record snowfall in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Poland – 15 people die of frostbite in November

Record snowfall in South Dakota

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Polar Vortex Centers over Asia with La Nina | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (Video)

Nov 9, 2016

With the polar vortex centered directly over Asia 2016-2017 winter, snow and cold records are already being set. Snowbrains calling for record snow in Japan due to La Nina and record cold across central Asia and China. I myself am calling snow in downtown Taipei 2017 winter.

Japan Record Snow November……
China snowstorms……

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And Now The Weather …


It’s probably nothing …

Snowing in Inner Mongolia:

Temperature falls to minus 16C.

Russia – Snow forecast for Krasnoyarsk:

Average daily temperature below normal by 3 to 5 degrees.

A taste of winter for upper New York and New England

Early season snowfall for Labrador

Early season snowfall in Kazakhstan

Record rain, snow over much of SW Saskatchewan

Unexpected blizzard in Lithuania

Record cold in Gander, Newfoundland

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UK set for HEAVIEST SNOWFALL in years: Long-range forecast warns of Winter 2016 BIG FREEZE

Forecasters have warned of heavy snow this winter as temperatures plunge to arctic levels

UK set for HEAVIEST SNOWFALL in years: Long-range forecast warns of Winter 2016 BIG FREEZE:

BRITAIN is facing the heaviest snowfalls in years this winter as the country’s first icy blast arrives in SIX WEEKS unleashing FOUR MONTHS of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures, forecasters have announced.

Thermometers are about to plunge amid predictions of crippling snowstorms and major whiteouts lasting into February.

Experts warn to expect a very “exciting” December even hinting at the possibility of a White Christmas this year.

After several mild and wet winters 2016 will buck the trend with the UK now facing the coldest and snowiest for at least six years.

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More than 10,000 people isolated by snow

More than 10,000 people isolated by snow:

Worst snowfall in 30 years – up to 4½ meters (14 ft) in the mountains.

4 June 2016 – According to Government Secretary of the Department of Las Heras, Raul Villafane, the area involved is from Uspallata to the tunnel mouth, where more than 10 thousand people are affected.

Uspallata, Polvaredas, Punta de Vacas, Mundo Perdido (Lost World), Penitentes, Puente del Inca and Las Cuevas, are all towns that under the snow.

The nívea (snow) accumulation ranges from 35 cm to 4½ meters in Las Cuevas, said Villafane. It has been 30 years since it snowed so much.

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Mongolia Herders Face Disaster: More Than 350,000 Animals Have Already Died, But More Than A Million Deaths Are Expected

“This winter is the harshest I have experienced.”

Mongolian Ger

Mongolia herders face disaster: Red Cross:

Hundreds of thousands of farm animals have perished in a slow-moving natural disaster in Mongolia and the international aid response has been insufficient, the Red Cross said Friday.

Mongolia has been hit by a devastating natural phenomenon known as a “dzud”, said the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) — a hot summer drought followed by a severe winter.

The combination spells doom for livestock in a country where IFRC said a third of the thinly-spread population rely on animal husbandry for their livelihoods.

Goats, sheep and cows die en masse, unable to graze sufficiently in the warmer months to build up the reserves necessary to withstand later temperatures that regularly drop to -50 degrees Celsius.

More than 350,000 animals have already died, but more than a million deaths are expected, according to the latest available data from the UN mission in the country, IFRC said.

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