Jun 20

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Stunning Volume On Gold & Silver Smash In Suspect Trading (King Wolrd News, June 20, 2013):

“And if you need to sell, why are you selling at the worst time of day?  Why are you selling in Asian time, which is always the thinnest section of trading?  Why don’t you wait for London and Chicago to take over?

And the answer is very obvious:  These markets are clearly and blatantly being manipulated.  The people doing it have clear price objectives.  My guess is they want to see a print below $1,300 (on gold) before they are done.  That will allow people (trading for the bullion banks) to make profits on their shorts.

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May 16

How A Criminal Syndicate Of Banks Is Raping The Gold Market (King World News, May 15, 2013):

So this is a great business for the bankster banks.  The same people who rigged LIBOR, I’m telling you are very obviously rigging the gold market.  It’s so obvious that only the mainstream media would not be able to figure this out.”

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