Euro-Skeptic William Hague: “I Was Right In 1998, And I Am Right Today”


William Hague

Euro-Skeptic William Hague: “I Was Right In 1998, And I Am Right Today” (ZeroHedge, July 9, 2015):

“Chirac and many others were appalled as I told them in 1998… joining the euro would exacerbate recession in some countries, and that some would find themselves ‘trapped in a burning building with no exits’ – a phrase that brought me a fair amount of controversy and abuse… I hope the eurozone leaders meeting today will remember that those of us who criticised the euro at its creation were correct in our forecasts. Otherwise they risk adding to the monumental errors of judgment, analysis and leadership made by their predecessors in 1998.”



Meanwhile In Europe: Juncker Approved, Hague Out, Lord Hill To Brussels: What Does It Mean?

Juncker approved, Hague out, Lord Hill to Brussels: what does it mean? (Open Europe, July 15, 2014):

This morning and last night saw three developments with importance for the UK’s Europe debate:

  • William Hague resigned as Foreign Secretary, replaced by Phillip Hammond, with the Cabinet becoming more Eurosceptic overall,
  • In nominating Lord Hill – the current leader of House of Lords – as the UK’s European Commissioner, Number 10 prioritised a ‘fixer’ and avoiding by-election over sending a heavy-hitter,
  • MEPs approved Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President by 422 votes to 250, marking the starting point of a more politicised European Commission.

What does this mean?

Ukraine Crisis: William Hague States ‘Blow To Democracy’ If Russia Prevents Election

H/t reader squodgy:

“Here’s why William Hague is an idiot.

Played right into Putin’s hand.”

Ukraine crisis: William Hague states ‘blow to democracy’ if Russia prevents election (Telegraph, May 7, 2014):

William Hague says it would be a “terrible blow to democracy” if covert Russian fighters stop Ukraine holding presidential election

Russia is deploying covert fighters and “enormous propaganda” to prevent Ukraine holding a presidential election later this month, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Wednesday during a visit to Kiev.

If Moscow succeeds, it would be “a terrible blow to democracy,” said Hague, who accused Russia of engineering an independence referendum in Ukraine’s east this weekend to undermine the May 25 presidential poll.

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Britain Summons Russian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador To US May Be Recalled

Britain Summons Russian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador To US May Be Recalled (ZeroHedge, Mar 1, 2014):

While various organizations are scrambling to meet on short notice, or not so short if one is a European finance minister, the diplomatic fallout has begun with the summoning of the Russian Ambassador in Great Britain to the foreign office.


This was to be expected. More interest will be whether Russia will “summon” its ambassador to the US as the upper house of parliament has demanded of Putin:

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Nigel Farage: UK Govt Keenest Of All On Syria Intervention, Decision Already Made

YouTube Added: 28.08.2013

UK govt keenest of all on Syria intervention, decision already made – Farage (RT, Aug 27, 2013):

The British government is the most enthusiastic country in the entire international community to get involved in Syria, and the decision on intervention has already been made, believes leader of UK Independence Party Nigel Farage.

The UK Parliament is to be recalled on Thursday to discuss possible responses to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria last week. The country’s Prime Minister David Cameron called on Tuesday for “specific” military action against the country, adding that so far no decision has been made on possible responses. He also pointed out that the UK is not considering getting involved in a Middle East war.

However, as Nigel Farage told RT, the government has already made its decision. The reported build-up of warplanes in Cyprus proves that, he added.

RT: UK parliament has been recalled to discuss the response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. But why now, why not wait until the UN investigators – who are on a fact-finding mission in the country – finish their job?

NF: From the very start it’s been the British Government, particularly William Hague and David Cameron, who throughout the entire international community, have been the keenest to get involved in Syria. You know, whether it’s arming the rebels or now, as we see today, the build-up of warplanes in Cyprus, preparations for cruise missile attacks. The British Government has been the keenest of anybody to intervene in Syria. So, that’s why they are not prepared to wait.

I also think that it’s unlikely that they will get a resolution passed through the United Nations Security Council.

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Former Minister Says Thatcher Aide Was Paedophile Who Preyed On Boys’ Home – And Hague Should Have Known

Former Minister says Thatcher aide was paedophile who preyed on boys’ home – and Hague should have known (Daily Mail Oct 27, 2012):

  • An ex-Tory minister has claimed Sir Peter Morrison was implicated in the child abuse scandal that engulfed children’s homes in North Wales
  • An inquiry discovered up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally in the 1970s and ’80s
  • Rod Richards, a former Tory MP, said he had seen evidence linking the former aide to Baroness Thatcher to the scandal

Loyal: Morrison with Baroness Thatcher in 1990

A former Tory Minister last night made incendiary claims that one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest aides was implicated in one of the most harrowing child abuse scandals of recent times.

Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories, made the shocking allegation that he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years.

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British Foreign Secretary William Hague Condemns Crumbling Euro As A ‘Historical Monument To Collective Folly’, Says Euro Is A ‘Burning Building With No Exits’ Claim Is Correct


WILLIAM Hague risked breaking Coalition ranks over Europe yesterday by condemning the crumbling euro as a “historical monument to collective folly”.

The Foreign Secretary suggested that the crisis-hit currency was doomed and called for Britain to grab more powers back from Brussels.

And he acknowledged that the crisis had vindicated his opposition to Britain joining the euro when he was Tory leader a decade ago.

Mr Hague told the Spectator magazine: “It was folly to create this system, it will be written about for centuries as a kind of historical monument to collective folly. But it’s there and we have to deal with it.”

He went on to suggest there was little hope of easing the euro crisis by allowing the Greek government to default on some of its debts in an “orderly” manner.

Euro Is ‘Burning Building With No Exits,’ Hague Tells Spectator (Bloomberg, Sep. 28, 2011)

Hague says euro ‘burning building’ claim correct (Financial Times, , Sep. 28, 2011)

Euro IS a burning building with no exits, says Hague as his warning of 13 years ago is proved right (Daily Mail, Sep. 30, 2011):

William Hague today compares the euro to a ‘burning building with no exits’ as he warns that Europe threatens to become a ‘dividing line’ in the Coalition.

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