Revealed – US Senate Document Confirms National and Global Weather Modification (Geoengineering) Programs

Revealed – US Senate Document Confirms National and Global Weather Modification (Geoengineering) Programs:

How big does the climate engineering elephant-in-the-room need to be before it can no longer be hidden in plain site? How much more historical proof do we need of ongoing climate engineering before the denial of the masses crumbles? When will populations around the globe bring to justice all those responsible for the ongoing and rapidly worsening worldwide weather warfare assault?

At the bottom of this post is a PDF file containing an entire congressional report from 1978 that we have recently located. This report is just under 750 pages in length (20 key excerpts are posted below to give a general overview). It is a mountain of information that further confirms the extensive involvement of the United States government in climate modification and weather warfare programs. This document also confirms the involvement of foreign governments around the globe, even governments that would otherwise have been considered “hostile to US interests”.

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“Depressing. We all comply with a system forced upon us by megalomaniacs we appoint to look after us, and they conspire to control us and destroy us.”

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Weather Modification & Cosmic Ray Cloud Formation: Jim Lee of ClimateViewer / ADAPT 2030 (Video)


Feb 6, 2017

I had the pleasure of talking with Jim Lee Interview of to discuss weather modification programs and galactic cosmic ray cloud formation with the new intensifying grand solar minimum and how cosmic radiation management is in play to push back global cooling. Jim was a presenter at the Global Warming an Inconvenient Lie Conference.

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U.S. Government Quietly Admits To Weather Modification Program

Partly Cloudy

Government Quietly Admits to Weather Modification Program:

As the United States moves farther away from the democracy it once pretended to be, the level of propaganda and indoctrination that the average American must wade through in order to get the smallest amount of Truth is staggering. We have reached a point in which Americans are so overwhelmed with the current battle taking place between the Alternative News community and mainstream media, and its barrage of contradicting “Facts,” that most have simply chosen to completely remove themselves from any critical thinking. Even when the government itself reveals an age-old lie to be true, most are so indoctrinated with the idea of the “conspiracy” that they convince themselves that the revelation is just another trick of those deceptive “conspiracy theorists.”

This has been seen many times in recent years. A perfect example of this is weather modification.

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Physicist Michio Kaku talks about sinister weather modification to nervous CBS crew (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Why do we have droughts and floods?????

Because the powers that be decide to, that’s why.”

Sep 25, 2013

Physicist Michio Kaku talks about sinister weather modification to nervous CBS crew:

In an interview with CBS, a leading physicist named Dr. Michio Kaku has blown the lid on secret experiments into weather modification. He described the experiments in great detail, and many have noted that they sound remarkably similar to the experiments that have been carried out at the HAARP facility in Alaska. In both cases, the weather modification has been achieved by shooting lasers and nanoparticles into the sky.

Physicist tells all about amazing weather modification technology

Dr. Kaku is not the only scientist to have attested to the feasibility of advanced weather modification technology. In a paper published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, Professor Wolf Kasparian has described the process in some detail. He claims that laser beams can be used to create a strong effect of ice multiplication in thin cirrus ice clouds. This increases the optical thickness of the cloud and causes a corresponding change in the weather in the atmosphere.

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China dumps $30M into weather modification program, seeding clouds with chemicals to create rainfall

China dumps $30M into weather modification program, seeding clouds with chemicals to create rainfall:

China’s Ministry of Finance recently announced that it has allocated 199 million yuan ($29.8 million) to be spent on cloud seeding weather modification projects being implemented throughout the country.

The Chinese government is hoping that the cloud seeding operations will ease drought conditions and lessen the impact of weather-related disasters, which claim hundreds of lives each year.

Cloud seeding technology was developed in the United States during the late 1940s, and involves the use of chemicals, such as silver iodide crystals, which are dispersed in the air to create rainfall.

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U.S. Government Permits DRONES to be used for Weather Modification — Spraying to induce precipitation

H/t reader squodgy:

“I reckon we all got hit by the dotcom & Japan bubble of the 90’s, but this analysis clearly shows why all the promising bullshit of growth and recovery has been and will always be just that….BULLSHIT.
The little man hasn’t got the clout to make anything from these rapid short hikes, so is doomed to be tied into the long trend, which, for at least the foreseeable future…is in decline.”

3/25/2016 — Government Permits DRONES to be used for Weather Modification — Spraying to induce precipitation:

Two years ago, in 2014, we reported that the US Government had approved  (authorized) weather modification experiments to be done across areas of Nevada using unmanned drones.

Also in 2014, we also managed to capture organized (possible drone) cloud seeding being done directly over Las Vegas Nevada during overnight hours.


Now in 2016, successful flight tests of a new multi-rotor Weather Modification drone have been made public, along with pictures of the drone in cloud seeding flare spray mode.

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HAARP Caught In Action? Large Pulse Of Radio Frequency Detected Coming From ALASKA (12/12/2015)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Let’s see what this little blast brings….

Click on the GIF & wait till the big curl completes & see the transmission.”


12/12/2015 – Large pulse of Radio Frequency detected coming from ALASKA — HAARP caught in action?

A large pulse of RF (radio frequency)  has been unintentionally detected coming out of Alaska by the MIMIC microwave background imagery satellite composite feed.


Screenshots: Thanks to Barbara M. for catching this!

20:00:00 UTC:

HAARP caught in action

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Global Geoengineering Programs: ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ (Full Length Award Winning Documentary HD – Multiple Language Subtitles) )



YouTube Added: 18.08.2012


People around the world are noticing that our planet’s weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth’s natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.

Forget Hacking: CIA Accuses Russia Of ‘Manipulating The World’s Weather’


Forget Hacking – CIA Accuses Russia Of “Manipulating The World’s Weather” (ZeroHedge, Feb 17, 2015):

America appears to have found something else to blame the Russians (or North Koreans) for … The Weather. As The Daily Mail reports,CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s weather… seriously.

So-called “geoengineering techniques” range from cloud seeding, in which chemicals are sprayed by planes trigger rainfall, to shooting mirrors into space to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.

But as The Daily Mail reports, a leading academic has told how he got a mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding…

Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said:

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