Apr 12

When searching for solutions to produce distilled water without electricity I came along a lot simple, incredibly cheap, efficient, stunning and award-winning inventions, but all of them (seem to) have never been implemented to help the people.


Because distilled water is one of the secrets to a long & healthy life and it boosts brain power and that is exactly the opposite what the elitists want, because the elitists want us to be dumb, lethargic and sterile serfs.

Actually they want most of us to be dead.

The plan is to get rid of about 6 billion people.

That’s why.

On philanthropist Bill Gates:

- Microsoft Buys Eugenics Technology From Merck, Becomes Drug Development Partner With Top Global Vaccine Manufacturer

- Bill Gates Funds Technology To Cause Instant Male Infertility

- Bill Gates In Global Push To Vaccinate Every Child On The Planet

- Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are For Depopulation

Philanthropists like Bill Gates are not wrong, just evil!

Warka Water towers are designed to take advantage of condensation
Warka Water towers are designed to take advantage of condensation. (Architecture and Vision )
- This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air (The Smithonian, April 8, 2014):

Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day

In some parts of Ethiopia, finding potable water is a six-hour journey.

People in the region spend 40 billion hours a year trying to find and collect water, says a group called the Water Project. And even when they find it, the water is often not safe, collected from ponds or lakes teeming with infectious bacteria, contaminated with animal waste or other harmful substances.

The water scarcity issue—which affects nearly 1 billion people in Africa alone—has drawn the attention of big-name philanthropists like actor and Water.org co-founder Matt Damon and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who, through their respective nonprofits, have poured millions of dollars into research and solutions, coming up with things like a system that converts toilet water to drinking water and a “Re-invent the Toilet Challenge,” among others.

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Mar 05

Get rid of all heavy metal garbage by steam distilling your water:

- How To Improve Your Health Condition Dramatically And Protect & Detoxify Your Body From Fluoride, Arsenic etc.

Which parts of America are the most contaminated with arsenic

- Which parts of America are the most contaminated with arsenic? (Natural News, March 5, 2014):

Heavy metal poisoning is becoming a very serious issue in America today, as toxins in groundwater and soils, some of which have persisted there for decades, are increasingly turning up in both drinking water and the general food supply. All across the country, residues of arsenic, lead and other heavy metals have been detected in well water, crop soils and even foods marketed toward the health-conscious, including some popular rice protein brands, and yet the nation’s regulatory authorities are hardly batting an eye at this travesty.

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Jan 10

- West Virginia chemical spill triggers widespread tap water ban (Reuters, Jan 10, 2014):

Up to 300,000 residents in West Virginia were left without tap water on Friday after a chemical spill that forced the closure of schools and business in the state capital and led the federal government to declare a disaster.

Health officials advised residents to use tap water only for flushing toilets and fighting fires and the company that runs the state’s largest water treatment plant said it was unable to predict when the water would be safe again to drink.

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Dec 30

- Strontium, PFOA and toxic chemicals found in one-third of U.S. water supply (Natural News, Dec 29, 2013):

You may want to think twice before further drinking or even bathing in unfiltered tap water, as a new report set to be published next year has found that a striking percentage of the U.S. water supply is contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that an astounding one-third of U.S. water systems contain traces of at least 18 unregulated and potentially hazardous contaminants, many of which are linked to causing endocrine disruption and cancer.

Based on a nationwide survey of 25 unnamed water utilities, scientists found traces of the herbicide metolachlor, for instance, a pesticide commonly applied to conventional corn, soy, cotton, safflower, potato and other crops, as well as the heavy metal strontium, which is linked to causing bone problems. Other chemicals identified include so-called perfluorinated compounds like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which numerous scientific studies have found can cause thyroid disease and various types of cancer.

“Traces of 18 unregulated chemicals were found in drinking water from more than one-third of U.S. water utilities in a nationwide sampling,” reports Environmental Health News (EHN). “Included are 11 perfluorinated compounds, an herbicide, two solvents, caffeine, an antibacterial compound, a metal and an antidepressant.”

More than 250 potential hazardous compounds detected in tap water

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Dec 22

- Obama Allows Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China As Half The U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis (The American Dream, Dec 17, 2013)

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Dec 16

- Bottled Water Leeches 24,000 Chemicals into Your Body, Study Finds (Natural Society, Nov 30, 2013):

Several companies have stopped using BPA in plastic production due to consumer outrage, but just because a plastic container says it is “BPA Free” doesn’t mean it’s free of potentially harmful chemicals. As a matter of fact, recent research out of Germany indicates there are more than 24,000 of such chemicals in any given bottle of water—with some of them causing serious hormone-disrupting effects.

According to the story from Goethe University Frankfort, the researchers tested 18 different bottled water products in an effort to look for endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDCs. They found far more than expected, identifying 24,520 different chemicals in their testing. After isolating the chemicals and determining their impact on the body, the researchers narrowed down those with anti-estrogenic properties to one: DEHF or di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate. This finding was of major concern. Continue reading »

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Sep 17



Official Trailer of Documentary-Film “Bottled Life – The Truth about Neslé’s Business with Water”.

For more info visit website: www.bottledlifefilm.com

Beppe Grillo – La barilla e Nestlè

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Aug 16

“Fluoride causes more human cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.”
– Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus, US National Cancer Institute

@Amazon.com: The Great Culling

Related information:

- Non Organic Foods That Contain Upwards Of 180 Times The Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

- Guinness Made In Dublin Brings You FLUORIDE!

- Dr. Paul Connett: The Case Against Water Fluoridation – The Truth About Fluoride (Video)

- Fluoridegate (Documentary)

- 25 Studies Prove That Fluoride Reduces Your IQ
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Jul 24

- At KFC in China the Ice Cubes are “Dirtier than Toilet Water” (Liberty Blitzkrieg, July 24, 2013):

I’ve covered food fraud, stealth inflation and related topics rather consistently for the past couple of years. As one might expect, China has been a hot spot for such activity, including the classic example of rat meat being served as lamb on the streets of Shanghai. Well here’s the latest controversy, ice cubes at KFC that are not just dirtier than toilet water, but 13x dirtier. YUM!

From Business Week:

Having battered KFC with reports last year that the company sold chicken fattened on illegal drugs, China Central Television now says the ice cubes at a KFC restaurant are dirtier than toilet water. The state-owned broadcaster found that ice in a Beijing outlet had 13 times as much bacteria as water from a toilet bowl and 20 times the national limit. (McDonald’s ice, according to the CCTV report, had less bacteria than toilet water but still didn’t meet national standards.)

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Jul 06

- Klamath Basin Water Shutoff – Leaving Livestock to Die, Basin to Burn (FarmWars, July 1, 2013):

Barb’s Note: Klamath county, Oregon water shutoff – The Klamath Tribes, in collusion with the Federal government and corrupt Oregon officials have started turning off water to farms and ranches. Since the tribe has first water rights, it has claimed those rights and is requiring that all other users with dates later than theirs be shut off. This is everyone else. Read it and weep. Not only will livestock and crops start dying, but this leaves us wide open to rampant wildfires that have the potential to decimate the basin. The following is a communication from Flying T Salers, the best, in my opinion, cattle rancher in the area. Continue reading »

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Jul 02

- In Tennessee Complaining About Water Quality = Terrorism (Liberty Blitzkrieg, July 2, 2013):

This is a little over a week old, but I hadn’t seen it and it’s so bothersome that everyone needs to be made aware.  One of my major themes this year has been the sudden outburst of cases in which mostly young people face extremely long prison sentences for merely exercising free speech. The way that many of these charges are justified is through new sets of “anti-terrorism” laws that have been set up in municipalities across the country, and allow for harsh sentences for minor offenses.  Of course, this is merely a backdoor way to erode the First Amendment in the name of fighting the never-ending “war on terror.” A war that is supposedly against Al-Qaeda, the same folks we are actively arming in Syria.

Now from the Tennessean:

A Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation deputy director warned a group of Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about water quality could be considered an “act of terrorism.”

“We take water quality very seriously. Very, very seriously,” said Sherwin Smith, deputy director of TDEC’s Division of Water Resources, according to audio recorded by attendees. “But you need to make sure that when you make water quality complaints you have a basis, because federally, if there’s no water quality issues, that can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism.”

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Jun 20

- Toxic shock: California allows up to one thousand times more glyphosate in drinking water than needed to cause breast cancer in women (Natural News, June 17, 2013):

Late last week, a story broke that revealed glyphosate — the chemical name of Roundup herbicide — multiplies the proliferation of breast cancer cells by 500% to 1300%… even at exposures of just a few parts per trillion (ppt).

The study, published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, is entitled, “Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors.” You can read the abstract here.

There’s a whole lot more to this story, however, but to follow it, you need to understand these terms: Continue reading »

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Jun 06

From the article:

“Nestlé pays $3.71 for every million liters of water it pumps from the local watershed, which it then packages in single-use plastic bottles and sells back to the public for as much as $2 million. $3.71 turns into $2,000,000.

A mark-up of 53,908,255%.  I checked it HERE just to make sure.”


- Nestle’s Wet Dream: They Mark Up Water 53 MILLION Percent (The Daily Sheeple, June 5, 2013):

The directors of Nestle must be breathing a sigh of relief as the world targets Monsanto with a barrage of negative publicityglobal protests, and grassroots campaigns. While we’re all distracted by Monsanto’s GMO corruption of the food supply, Nestle is taking steps to profit off of the natural world with patents on breast milk and medicinal plants, and the privatization of water, and giving the seed company a run for the title of The Most Evil Corporation in the World.

Between corporate demons like Nestle and Monsanto, the very right to life itself is becoming a commodity with a price tag as access to food and water become a privilege only available to those who have the means to pay for it.

The potential death toll would be astonishing. Is that the point? A team effort in which the elite make money hand over fist, massive depopulation, and indentured servitude in exchange for the right to eat and drink?

Monsanto and Nestle are firmly on the same team - Nestle donated over $1 million to the campaign against GMO labeling in California and their CEO has claimed that in 15 years of consumption, no one was every harmed by eating GMOs.

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Jun 05

- Tepco considers using aquifer in great deep for contaminated water storage (Fukushima Diary, June 3, 2013):

On 5/30/2013, the committee of experts suggested Tepco an idea of using the aquifer of great deep for increasing contaminated water storage.

400 tones of ground water flows into the plant on the daily basis. Having contaminated water continuously increasing, Tepco is forced to find a new water storage.

The committee of experts suggested to use aquifer of great deep or build a storage facility in great deep, so the radiation from the retained water doesn’t reach above the ground. They emphasized the importance of investigating the proper geologic stratum and the potential construction period.


Related article..Tepco to consider freezing ground for 1400m to stop ground water flowing into the plant [URL]

Tepco considers to fill Torus room with grout to stop ground water flowing in [URL]

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Apr 26

The film clip is taken from the documentary ‘We Feed The World’ (2005).


- Bilderberg 2011: The Full Official Attendee List:


  • Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter, Chairman, Nestlé S.A.

- Nestle CEO seeks to control the world’s water supply (Natural News, April 22, 2013):

Gun control may be a hot topic, but what about water control? Recent comments from Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck imply that the world’s water will soon come under the control of corporations like his. Brabeck makes the astonishing claim that water is not a human right, but should be managed by business people and governing bodies. He wants water controlled, privatized, and delegated in a way that sustains the planet. View the astonishing interview here:


Water control hitting the United States All of this means that Brabeck’s future plans include monitoring and controlling the amount of water people use. One day, cities and towns may be forced by international law to limit each household to a set amount of water. People may have to obtain permits to dig wells or pay fines for collecting rainwater. Laws like these are already in motion in the United States. Learn more here: http://www.naturalnews.com/029286_rainwater_collection_water.html

Nestle’s CEO thinks all water should have a price

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Apr 26

- Radioactive water problems at Fukushima nuke plant force rethink (Kyodo News, April 20, 2013):

TOKYO – The government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. will present broad new thinking in May on ways to prevent radioactive water from increasing at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi said Friday.

Motegi made the remarks during a meeting to discuss the decommissioning process of the plant’s stricken reactors, as TEPCO continues to grapple with water leaks found recently at several underground storage tanks at the site.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority released an estimate the same day that the leaks could lead to the density of radioactive strontium in groundwater exceeding the legal limit in about 10 years in the coastal area of the plant.

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Mar 12

- Hogwash Update – Latest Number Of Floating Chinese Pigs: 5,916 And Rising Fast (ZeroHedge, March 12, 2013):

First it was 900, then 1200, then 3000, and now the latest tally of dead pigs floating in the Shanghai water supply has hit nearly 6000. AP has the latest number: ” The number of dead pigs found floating in a river flowing into Shanghai has reached nearly 6,000. The Shanghai municipal government said in an online announcement that 5,916 swine carcasses had been retrieved from Huangpu River by 3 p.m. Tuesday, but added that municipal water remains safe.” At what point will the dead pigs begin to pose a health challenge? 10,000? 100,000? What is the maximum Chinese Surgeon General RDA of dead pig in one’s drinking water? And whatever it is, how long until, pulling a page from Fukushima, it is quickly doubled? But perhaps the biggest question is what is causing this mass death phenomenon, and what does it mean for the quality and safety of other pigs in circulation? Continue reading »

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Mar 12


- China ‘Hogwash’ Update: Latest Number Of Floating Pigs In Shanghai River: 5,916 And Rising Fast

- China’s ‘Hogwash’ Getting Worse As Floating Dead Pigs Rise To 3300, Pig Virus Found (ZeroHedge, March 12, 2013):

When we first reported on China’s “hogwash” yesterday, the number of floating pigs in Shanghai’s water supplying Huangpu River was a “modest” 1200. It has since tripled to 3300. From SCMP: “The agriculture and environmental protection departments in Shanghai’s Songjiang district have pulled more than 3,300 dead pigs out of the Huangpu River, which flows through the municipality, in the past week.” What is worse is that at least one pig-related virus has been found in a water sample: “Porcine circovirus, a common hog disease that is not known to be infectious to humans, was found in a sample taken from the water, Shanghai’s animal disease control department was quoted as saying by eastday.com a major Shanghai news portal.” The good news is that tests by the Shanghai Animal Disease Prevention and Control Centre on five sets of internal organs taken from the dead pigs has ruled out five other diseases including foot-and-mouth, hog cholera and blue-ear. Of course, this is China, whose disclosure record is second only to Japan, where as a reminder the government said the radiation level was under control days after the Fukushima explosion, even as the reality was far grimmer.

More from SCMP:

The website quoted local water and environmental authorities as saying tests of water samples collected from six sites on the river showed that the poor water quality on the Songjiang district section of the Huangpu, a source of drinking water for Shanghai, was similar to the same period last year.

However, it said tap water from water suppliers in Songjiang and several neighbouring districts was in line with national standards.

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Mar 12

… because the water quality is already so bad (‘within the normal range’) that 1200, oh wait aminute, NOW 3000 dead pigs do not make any difference.


- China ‘Hogwash’ Update: Latest Number Of Floating Pigs In Shanghai River: 5,916 And Rising Fast

- 1,200 Dead Pigs Found In Shanghai River (ZeroHedge, March 11, 2013):

Over the past month the west had its “horsemeat” scare, where horse DNA traces have been found in pretty much everything. It is now China’s turn to reciprocate, with 1,200 pigs found in Shanghai’s Huangpu River. Why someone would dump thousands of dead pigs in the river? Who knows – we are confident that it is bullish, however, and it is time fro GETCO or K-Hen to do something about this strange reddish color in the futures. It is not helping with confidence in central planning…

From China.org

The municipal authorities said the retrieved pigs would be collected and handled in a harmless way.

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Mar 06

- 30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet (Economic Collapse, March 4, 2013):

The world is rapidly running out of clean water. Some of the largest lakes and rivers on the globe are being depleted at a very frightening pace, and many of the most important underground aquifers that we depend on to irrigate our crops will soon be gone. At this point, approximately 40 percent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water, and it is being projected that by 2025 two-thirds of humanity will live in “water-stressed” areas. But most Americans are not too concerned about all of this because they assume that North America has more fresh water than anyone else does. And actually they would be right about that, but the truth is that even North America is rapidly running out of water and it is going to change all of our lives. Today, the most important underground water source in America, the Ogallala Aquifer, is rapidly running dry. The most important lake in the western United States, Lake Mead, is rapidly running dry. The most important river in the western United States, the Colorado River, is rapidly running dry. Putting our heads in the sand and pretending that we are not on the verge of an absolutely horrific water crisis is not going to make it go away. Without water, you cannot grow crops, you cannot raise livestock and you cannot support modern cities. As this global water crisis gets worse, it is going to affect every single man, woman and child on the planet. I encourage you to keep reading and learn more.

The U.S. intelligence community understands what is happening. According to one shocking government report that was released last year, the global need for water will exceed the global supply of water by 40 percent by the year 2030… Continue reading »

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Feb 11


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Dec 25

This is the Greatest Depression.

- The second great depression deepening across the globe (PressTV, Dec 24, 2012):

In Charles Dickens’ celebrated short story A Christmas Carol (1843), the Malthusian miser and London stock exchange speculator Ebenezer Scrooge is told by the ghost of his deceased partner Jacob Marley that “it is required of every man that the spirit within him should walk abroad among his fellow men, and traveled far and wide” for the purpose of doing good works of charity and thus alleviating human suffering.

In this spirit, let us briefly examine the economic condition of humanity at the close of 2012.

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Dec 23

- Spike in iodine-131 found in city water (Philly, Dec 8, 2012):

Levels of radioactive iodine-131 in a city drinking-water intake rose to their highest level yet earlier this year.

However, city and state officials noted the spike, measured Oct. 17 at the Belmont water plant, is a one-time event. It’s not a public health concern, they said, and the water remains safe to drink.

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Dec 11

- Fluoride Removal Victory in New York (Activist Post, Dec 10, 2012):

Pulaski, New York may be a small town of just 2,400 residents, but it has now added itself to the list of more than 130 communities across the country that have banned the addition of fluoride to their water supply.

While not all fluoride is bad, the type that has been promoted by dentistry and added to our water and food supply beginning in the 1940s certainly is. Calcium fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, while its synthetic counterpart, sodium fluoride (silicofluoride), is an industrial-grade hazardous waste material made during the production of fertilizer. Its past history includes patented use as rat poison and insecticide. There are many blind- and double-blind studies that show sodium fluoride has a cumulative effect on the human body leading to allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, bone weakening, cancer, and neurological problems, while actually damaging tooth enamel if consumed in high enough quantities. The chart below illustrates that dental fluorosis rates have only risen over the 60 years since its addition to dental products, food and water.

Source: Fluoride Action Network

As people have become more aware of the dangers of the toxic effects of excessive fluoride exposure, activist pressure has forced its removal in many locations. However, in the case of Pulaski, NY, it was was not due to public outrage; it was a well-informed water board chaired by Mike Sacco who voted to pull the plug on exposing the community to fluoride’s harmful effects.
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Nov 30

- MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury’s Poles (NASA, Nov 29, 2012):

New observations by the MESSENGER spacecraft provide compelling support for the long-held hypothesis that Mercury harbors abundant water ice and other frozen volatile materials in its permanently shadowed polar craters.

Three independent lines of evidence support this conclusion: the first measurements of excess hydrogen at Mercury’s north pole with MESSENGER’s Neutron Spectrometer, the first measurements of the reflectance of Mercury’s polar deposits at near-infrared wavelengths with the Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA), and the first detailed models of the surface and near-surface temperatures of Mercury’s north polar regions that utilize the actual topography of Mercury’s surface measured by the MLA. These findings are presented in three papers published online today in Science Express.

Given its proximity to the Sun, Mercury would seem to be an unlikely place to find ice. But the tilt of Mercury’s rotational axis is almost zero — less than one degree — so there are pockets at the planet’s poles that never see sunlight. Scientists suggested decades ago that there might be water ice and other frozen volatiles trapped at Mercury’s poles.

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Nov 29

Steam distilled water: 0 ppm TDS

Lauretana (Engl., German): 7 ppm TDS

Most tap water ranges from 150 to 420 ppm TDS.

Water with a TDS of 500 ppm or more is regarded as unfit for consumption.

Sea water has a TDS of around 35,000 ppm.

Related info:

- 24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

- Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)


@Amazon.com: HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Water Quality Tester with Auto-off Function TDS-EZ Price: $13.19

@Amazon.de: EZ Digitales TDS-Messgerät zur Überprüfung der Wasserqualität – TDS-3A Blau Preis: EUR 16,99


Digitales TDS-Wassermessgerät (TDS = total dissolved solids = Gesamtmenge der gelösten Feststoffe) das den Gehalt an nicht-organischen und organischen Substanzen in Ihrer Wasserprobe erkennt und misst. Dieses Messgerät ist sehr nützlich wenn Sie einfach nur wissen wollen, wie sauber Ihr Wasser wirklich ist. Testen Sie Ihr Leitungswasser. Sie können die Leistung Ihrer Wasserfilter messen und sich vergewissern, wann der beste Zeitpunkt ist, einen Wasserfilter zu wechseln. Geldverschwendung durch den zu häufigen Filterwechsel wird somit vermieden, ebenso schlechtes Wasser, weil Sie nicht früh genug gewechselt haben. Das Messgerät ist sehr leicht und tragbar, so dass Sie auch die Wasserqualität im Haus Ihrer Freunde, in Restaurants und anderen öffentlichen Orten messen können. Das Messgerät misst in ppm mit einer Auflösung von 1 ppm und einer Genauigkeit von + / – 2%. Das Messgerät schaltet sich automatisch nach 10 Minuten aus, um Batterien zu sparen. Hold-Funktion: Speichert Messungen für komfortable Erfassung und Aufzeichnung. Messbereich: 0-9990 ppm. Zwischen 0-999 ppm erfolgt die Auflösung in Schritten von 1 ppm. Von 1000 bis 9990 ppm ist die Auflösung in Schritten von 10 ppm, angezeigt durch ein blinkendes ‘x10′ Icon. Werksmässig kalibriert/geeicht: Rekalibrierung ist nicht erforderlich, kann aber leicht mit einem Uhrenschraubendreher erfolgen.

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Nov 18

WATCH Deepika’s winning presentation …


- Girl, 14, is America’s Top Young Scientist: Her Solar-Powered Jug Cleans Water (GoodNewsNetwork, Oct 22, 2012):

A 14-year-old New York student was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for inventing a solar-powered water jug that changes dirty water into purified drinking water. Deepika Kurup not only surpassed 9 finalists with her science and math skills to win $25,000 from Discovery Education and 3M, she persuaded the judges with a dynamic five-minute LIVE presentation about the plight of a billion poor people who have no access to clean drinking water.

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Nov 10


How to protect yourself from fluoride and how to get it out of your body:

- Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

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Nov 10


How to protect yourself from fluoride and how to get it out of your body:

- Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

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Nov 09

- Cesium level of Tokyo tap water is 4% higher than Fukushima (Fukushima Diary, Nov 7, 2012)

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