Mad Oxford University Physicist Wade Allison Calls For Radical Increase In Radiation Exposure Limits By As Much As A THOUSANDFOLD!

Send him and his family to live in Fukushima city, which is 60 km (!) away from the Fukushima nuke plant and let’s see how fast that criminal will change his mind.

There are no safe levels of radiation! (More info below.)

British physicist Wade Allison calls for radical increase in radiation exposure limits (The Australian , Oct. 06, 2011):

JAPAN’s evacuation criterion in the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which led to the relocation of more than 80,000 people, was unjustifiably strict and tore communities apart on the basis of false radiation fears.

That’s the view of Oxford University physicist Wade Allison, who wants limits on radiation exposure to be increased by as much as a thousandfold.

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