Gazprom Chairman Sold ALL His Shares Just Before Russia Invaded Crimea

Gazprom Chairman Sold All His Shares Just Before Russia Invaded Crimea (ZeroHedge, March 14, 2014):

We are sure it is just coincidence – and awkward combination of luck and suspicious timing – but Vedomosti reports that Viktor Zubkov, the Chairman of Russia’s massive energy monopoly Gazprom, dumped his entire stake in the company just a few weeks before Vladimir Putin crossed the red line. Gazprom shares have dropped 25% in the last 3 weeks so his timing was impeccible.


Via Vedomosti (Google Translate),

The Chairman of the Board of Directors “Gazprom” Viktor Zubkov has sold his stake in the company, it follows from the monopoly.

The change in share occurred February 11, 2014, the issuer learned about it on March 13.

Now Zubkov 0% stake in the company.

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