Oct 15

Hungary Helps Persecuted Christians, Bans Muslim Immigration:

The nation of Hungary recently did something as unprecedented as it is commonsensical and humanitarian: it “has become the first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe.”

Zoltan Balog, Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, explained:

Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians. Continue reading »

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Oct 11

Exclusive: Hungarian Govt Blasts ‘Ignorant’ Western Coverage of Immigration Referendum:

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Hungarian government spokesman  Zoltán Kovács has criticised Western Media for their coverage of Hungarian political affairs, accusing them of uncritically reproducing information broadcast by minor opposition movements in the country and exercising an ignorance of Hungary in their coverage.

An overwhelming majority of voters rejected the mandatory migrant redistribution plans of the European Union (EU) in Hungary on Sunday, with 98 per cent voting to reject the bloc’s plan.

The aftermath of the referendum has seen Western media argue over the validity of the vote as it didn’t reach the 50 per cent turnout threshold, and to question the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government.

Spokesman for the Hungarian government  Zoltán Kovács sat down with Breitbart London in his office in Budapest. He didn’t mince words when it came to the Western media. Continue reading »

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Oct 09

Hungary to Amend Constitution to Block EU Migrant Plan:

“Brussels or Budapest, that was the question, and the people said Budapest.”

  • The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, all former Communist countries, also oppose the EU plan to relocate 160,000 “asylum seekers,” which they say is an “EU diktat” that infringes on national sovereignty.
  • “One of the principals underpinning the system is the primacy of EU law.” — Margaritis Schinas, chief spokesperson for European Commission.
  • “In the early autumn of 2015 we erected a fence on the external green border of the European Union and the Schengen Area. This was to protect the European Union’s greatest achievement: free movement within the common area of the internal market…. We do not want to distribute the migration burdens falling on Europe, but we want to eliminate them: to put an end to them.” — Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, July 11, 2016.
  • “We do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries… That is a historical experience for us.” — Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, September 3, 2015.
  • “We lose our European values and identity the way frogs are cooked in slowly-heating water. Quite simply, slowly there will be more and more Muslims, and we will no longer recognize Europe.” — Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, September 30, 2016.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has proposed amending the Constitution to prevent the European Union from settling migrants in Hungary without the approval of Parliament.

In a speech on October 4, Orbán said the amendment would be presented to Parliament on October 10, and, if approved, it would come into effect on November 8. Continue reading »

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Oct 07

Hungarian Government: Trump ‘Philosophy on Migration’ Aligns With Ours:

BUDAPEST, Hungary — In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács talked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and how Hungary feels abandoned by the Obama administration.

Mr. Kovács was asked which candidate he and his government see as the most favourable for Hungary and for tackling the crisis of migration that currently affects both Europe and America.

“If it’s about migration, which seems to be the most acute challenge we face, it’s definitely true that Mr. Trump and the conservative philosophy on migration is a lot closer to us,” he said adding, “It is basically representing what we think about it. Therefore in terms of that element of foreign policy: Trump.” Continue reading »

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Oct 02

Hungary Referendum To Reject EU Refugee Quotas Likely Invalid Due To Low Voter Turnout

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Sep 29

Hungary’s Orbán Says EU ‘Destroying’ Europe Days Before Migrant Quota Referendum:

The European Union (EU) is “destroying” the continent by forcing member states to accept mass Muslim immigration with quotas, the Hungarian Prime Minister has warned days before his nation holds a referendum on the policy.

In Viktor Orbán’s typically forthright style, the right-wing leader insisted left-wing cultural relativism and Islam is creating segregated societies and parallel legal systems. He stated that European peoples have a right to preserve their way of life.

“The uncontrolled influx destroys Europe and it doesn’t even help the migrants. It’s better for everyone to stay in their own territory,” he blasted, the Express reports. Continue reading »

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Sep 25

Hungary’s Anti-Mass Migration Orban: Create ‘Giant Refugee City’ In Africa:

VIENNA, Sept 24 (Reuters) – The European Union should set up a “giant refugee city” on the Libyan coast and process asylum claims from refugees arriving from Africa there with the help of a new Libyan government, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban proposed on Saturday.

Speaking in Vienna after a summit of European and Balkans countries on the refugee crisis, Orban said the European Union’s external borders should be under “total control” – including the Mediterranean border, in which Libya is instrumental. Continue reading »

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Sep 23

Hungarian PM: Deport Millions of Migrants To Remote Island:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has railed against the political establishment’s migrant policy, calling for the deportation of over a million migrants from the European Union (EU).

Regularly at odds with EU leaders in Western Europe, the Hungarian Prime Minister has said that the political bloc needs to consider deporting over a million migrants who flooded into Europe over the last year, reports Spiegel Online. Continue reading »

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Sep 20

Hungarian Government to Use Immigration Referendum to Warn Citizens of ‘EU Stealth’:

The Hungarian government is planning to use next month’s referendum on migrant quotas to expose the “stealth way the EU is working,” it’s official spokesman has announced.

At a meeting at the Hungarian Permanent Representation in Brussels, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács revealed that the referendum question, to be put to the Hungarian people on October 2nd, will read: “Do you want to allow the European Union to mandate the resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary, without the approval of the National Assembly?” Continue reading »

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Sep 20

Eastern Europe: The Last Barrier between Christianity and Islam:

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is the Eastern nemesis of the European elite. No one else in Europe except him speaks about defending “Christianity.”
  • “Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims … This is an important question, because Europe and the European identity is rooted in Christianity.” — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.
  • The last chance to save Europe’s roots might well come from the former communist members of the EU — those who defeated the Ottomans in 1699 and now feel culturally threatened by their heirs.
  • Cypriots know much better than the comfortable bureaucrats of Brussels the consequences of a cultural collision. Ask about their churches on the Turkish side of the island; how many of them are still standing?

Austria’s fate is now at stake.

Perhaps it was a coincidence that Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna and tipped to be the next Pope, chose September 12, the anniversary of the Siege of Vienna, when Turkey’s Ottoman troops nearly conquered Europe, to deliver a most dramatic appeal to save Europe’s Christian roots.

“Many Muslims want and say that ‘Europe is finished’,” Cardinal Schönborn said, before accusing Europe of “forgetting its Christian identity.” He then denounced the possibility of “an Islamic conquest of Europe.”

Konrad Pesendorfer, head of the Austrian Office of Statistics, said that by 2030, 40% of the population of Vienna will be foreign-born, thanks to internal demography and migration flows (60,000 arrivals in just one year). Continue reading »

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Sep 19


Successful Hungarian Border Fence Boosts Support Of Right Wing Government:

(REUTERS) – On a recent evening on Hungary’s border with Serbia, a fleet of police trucks raced along the dusty boundary.

A heat sensor trained on the razor wire fence had picked up migrants approaching, officers explained. The migrants, about two dozen in number, quickly split up and went back deep into Serbian territory, police said.

It was a scene that has played out many times in the months since Europe’s migrant crisis erupted.

“The human traffickers are never idle. Their night-vision drones watch our patrol system. They take advantage as soon as we redeploy our forces,” said police commander Zsolt Gulyas.

* * *

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Sep 18

Hungarian PM Says EU Migrant Policy Self-Destructive, Germany Should Cap Numbers:

(REUTERS) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday the European Union’s Bratislava summit had failed to change the bloc’s immigration policy, which he called “self-destructive and naive.”

He said that without Germany imposing a firm ceiling on the number of immigrants it is willing to take in, a “suction effect” would continue to draw masses to Europe. “Something must happen in that respect,” he said.

Orban added that leaders of European nations along the Balkans migration route, including Austria and Germany, would meet in Vienna on Sept 24. to try to find a way forward.

* * *

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Sep 13

Anti-Mass Immigration Viktor Orban Receives ‘Man Of The Year’ Award

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Jul 28


Hungary’s PM Orban: Trump “Better Option For Europe”

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Jul 19


Hungary: PM Victor Orban’s Historic Speech: The Migrant Crisis Is A Preplanned And Orchestrated Operation (Video):

Hungary asks IMF to leave the country after early payback:

Hungary has announced plans to repay its bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund early and asked the organization to leave the country.

The head of Hungary’s Central Bank Gyorgy Matolcsy wrote a letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Monday asking for it to close its representative office in Budapest as it was “not necessary to maintain” it any longer.

The IMF says it is ready to agree since the current IMF representative in Hungary is due to leave soon anyway. Continue reading »

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Jul 05

Hungary Will Hold A Referendum On October 2 To Halt Inflow Of Migrants:

While as previously reported the biggest political threat facing Europe in the coming months is Italy’s October referendum on Matteo Renzi’s overhaul of the political system aimed at ending Italy’s unstable governments (which as of this moment is not looking to good, with the latest Euromedia Research polls showing that 34% of Italians would vote against Renzi’s plan, with 28.9% in favor and 19.4% still undecided), a referendum which may cost the prime minister his job as Renzi has promised to resign if he does not get the needed support, another referendum has emerged overnight when as Reuters reports Hungary will hold a referendum on Oct. 2 on whether to accept any future European Union quota system for resettling migrants as Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government steps up its fight against the EU’s migration policies. Continue reading »

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Mar 25


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Mar 16

It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries.”

Hungary’s Orban “Rings Alarm Bells” On Brussels Plot To Create “United States Of Europe”:

If there’s one person who exemplifies anti-refugee sentiment in Europe more than anyone else, it’s not Frauke Petry, it’s not Geert Wilders, and it’s not Lutz Bachmann. It’s Viktor Orban.

Orban raised eyebrows in September of last year, when the Hungarian PM built a 110-mile, razor wire migrant-be-gone fence along his country’s border with Serbia.

But the fireworks began in earnest when dozens of refugees decided to try and break through the barrier. When the asylum seekers tested Orban’s resolve, riot police responded with water cannons and tear gas and that, as they say, was that when it came to traversing Hungary along the Balkan route to Germany. Continue reading »

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Feb 18

Hungarian Central Bank Hoards 200,000 Bullets, Hundreds Of Guns Due To “Security Risks”:

If we learned anything last September it’s that Janet Yellen’s reaction function now includes domestic and global financial markets.

Well that, and we learned that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban isn’t playing around when it comes to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis. While everyone else in Europe was busy trying to figure out how to accommodate the millions of asylum seekers fleeing the war-torn Mid-East, Orban simply built a razor wire border fence.

And then he built another one.

And then, when migrants tried to breach his barriers, he met them with water cannons and tear gas. This was the scene:



“Problem” solved.

So clearly, Hungary isn’t playing around when it comes to security, but as it turns out, migrant-be-gone fences and tear gas aren’t sufficient in today’s dangerous security environment and so, the Hungarian central bank is stockpiling guns and ammo.

Continue reading »

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Nov 09
Hungarys Prime Minister Viktor Orban
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Reuters / Bernadett Szabo)

The bullying of Hungary – the country that dared to disobey the US and EU (RT, Nov 7, 2014):

25 years ago, Hungary was being toasted in the West for opening its border with Austria to East Germans, in a move which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now the Western elites are not happy with Budapest which they consider far too independent.

The refusal of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his ruling Fidesz party to join the new US and EU Cold War against Russia, which has seen the Hungarian parliament approving a law to build the South Stream gas pipeline without the approval of the European Union, in addition to the populist economic policies Fidesz has adopted against the largely foreign owned banks and energy companies, has been met with an angry response from Washington and Brussels. Continue reading »

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Mar 17

From the article:

As for the best summary of how Hungary feels right now?

One person in the crowd held a sign reading: “Colonization: 1956 Soviet Tanks, 2012 Western Banks.”

Will Hungary Be The Next Iceland? PM Orban: “Hungarians Will Not Live As Foreigners Dictate” (ZeroHedge, Mar 16, 2012):

When it comes to being a NWO debt slave, one can accept their fate demurely and bent over, like a conditionally habituated dog electroshocked into perpetual submission just as the banker elites like it, with threats that the world would end the second one dared to change the status quo (see Greece), or one can do something about being a debt slave. Like Iceland. And then rapidly proceed to be the best performing economy in Europe. And reading some of the latest news out of Hungary, which has to count its lucky stars is not stuck in the inflexible nightmare that is the mercantilist Eurocurrency union, gives us hope that we may soon witness the next sovereign rebellion against the banker yoke. The WSJ reports: “Hungary’s premier fired a new broadside in the country’s running battle of wills with the European Union, saying that Hungarians should be free to make their own laws without interference from Brussels.  Speaking to a large crowd of supporters celebrating the anniversary of a 19th-century Hungarian revolt against Austrian rule, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said: “Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate.” This has promptly generated the anticipated response from European unelected dictator Barroso, who minutes ago said that Hungary’s Orban doesn’t get democracy. Oh, we think he does. What he doesn’t seem to get, or like, is existence in a banker-governed technocratic, klepto-fascist state, in which the peasantry is merely an intermediary vessel for asset confiscation by insolvent banks. Like Greece… which however already is the butt of all jokes of personal submission to a foreign oppressor, so there is no dignity in kicking a dog that is down.

Why is Orban angry with the EU? Continue reading »

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