May 21

USS Vella Gulf
USS Vella Gulf

Pentagon deploys another warship to Black Sea (RT, May 21, 2014):

The United States military confirmed on Tuesday that a guided missile cruiser is en route to the Black Sea as worries persist about the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

“I can confirm the Vella Gulf, a Navy cruiser, will be going in to the Black Sea probably later this week,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told the press on Tuesday, AFP reported.

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May 19

USS Vella Gulf missile cruiser
USS Vella Gulf missile cruiser

US missile cruiser to enter Black Sea amid NATO drills in Eastern Europe – military source (RT, May 19, 2014):

The US missile cruiser Vella Gulf is expected to arrive in the Black Sea on May 23, a military source told a Russian news agency. Another NATO vessel is already in the area, while the French Navy’s stealth frigate will reportedly be there by late May.

This comes as part of a wider buildup of NATO forces close to Russian borders against the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis. Continue reading »

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