Feb 08

War games in Middle East could prepare UK for ‘potential’ Russian war with NATO – report:

The British Army is to deploy 1,600 troops in Jordan to take part in war games which could be preparation for a potential ‘confrontation’ between Russia and NATO member countries in Eastern Europe, the Daily Telegraph has reported, citing sources.

Army sources told the paper that the exercise, which will simulate an Iraq invasion for the first time in over a decade, is not a prelude to sending ground troops to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), rather Exercise Shamal Storm could be seen as a practice routine to fight off any potential Russian invasion of Ukraine or Eastern Europe. Continue reading »

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Feb 07

Britain is at war with Yemen. So why does nobody know about it?

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Feb 07


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Feb 05

05/02/2016 – MARBELLA, Spain – British teenager gang raped

An 18 year old Brit was dragged into a car by a gang of Moroccan men while walking home from work, and gang raped reports the Daily Mail. Police are investigating Moroccan males in the area but there have so far been no arrests.


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Feb 05


The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide:

Corbett Reporteers will be no stranger to the war on cash. I’ve made videos discussing it, conducted interviews about it, written articles examining it and dissected it on the radio.

The war has been waged through mainstream propaganda outlets, TV advertisements and even children’s games.

We’ve heard cash is dirtied by drug dealing, tarnished by terrorism, tainted by tax evasion (heaven forbid!) and just plain dirty. Not to mention sooooo outdated. Continue reading »

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Feb 02

US & Israeli arms companies bag £500m UK military contract

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Feb 01

British Police Are Breaking Into Homes to Highlight Robbery Risk:

British police may not have the same reputation for brutality as American police do, but like our cops, they sure seem to think they are above the law. Police in the city of Coventry have apparently started breaking into homes without any kind of warrant. The reason? So they can let homeowners know how easy it would be for burglars to break in. Continue reading »

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Jan 31

H/t reader squodgy:

“Whoops….nothing to worry about….”


Just some adjuvants like thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, antifreeze, MSG, antibiotics, aluminum, GMOs, (and maybe even the horror adjuvant squalene), etc. destroying the brain & immune system of these children.

Some parents think vaccines cannot possibly be so devastating to their children’s health, because their children are still highly gifted.

Yeah right, just imagine how many Nicola Tesla’s we’ve lost!

But never mind … nothing to worry about.

What’s on the telly tonight?

Paramedics called to secondary school as pupils fall ill and collapse after being given their vaccinations:

  • Pupils in Year 10 reportedly fainted after being given their jabs
  • Paramedics were called but all have reportedly now recovered
  • School is investigating whether faulty vaccines were to blame 

Paramedics had to be called to a secondary school when pupils fell ill and fainted after being given their vaccinations.

Around 10 to 15 students from Year 10 reportedly keeled over after getting their jabs at Northampton School for Boys on Tuesday.

One parent, whose son saw the drama unfold, said children were seen ‘on their backs on the floor with their legs up on chairs’.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, added: ‘Several different vaccines were being administered, and around 10 to 15 pupils keeled over and paramedics were called. Continue reading »

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Jan 30

***MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE*** – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis:

MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE – This page will host all the relevant information from Europe’s unfolding migrant crisis. You can follow all the latest updates below.

This page is edited by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, Chris Tomlinson, Oliver Lane and Donna Rachel Edmunds. Newest updates will appear at the top of the page.

Continue reading »

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Jan 27

Washington’s individual efforts to meddle in Mid-East affairs have now seemingly all melded into one giant, bloody melee and incredibly, America’s solution is to go right back in and meddle some more. What could possibly go wrong?

US, Britain, France Ready Military Action In Libya As ISIS Closes In On Country’s Oil:

On January 19, representatives from Libya’s rival factions negotiating in Tunis announced they had formed a unity government comprised of a new 32-member cabinet.


Six days later, lawmakers for the country’s internationally-recognized Parliament in Tobruk rejected the proposal.

Damn. Continue reading »

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Jan 27

“Abysmal” Q4 productivity data for UK:

A top British financial official warned on Tuesday that the data on country’s fourth quarter productivity are likely to be “abysmal”. 

The announcement was made by the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Kristin Forbes. Nevertheless, she emphasized that the underlying trends were more important than a single data point.

“It looks like fourth-quarter productivity growth is going to be abysmal. That’s part of the trade-off of strong employment growth with moderate overall GDP growth,” Reuters has quoted Forbes as saying at a meeting of the Henry Jackson Society think tank at Britain’s parliament. Continue reading »

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Jan 26

Trust this bloody bastard …


… or …


Blair: Brexit would spell the end of the UK:

Scotland would use a British exit of the European Union to break away from the United Kingdom, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned.

Speaking to French radio station Europe 1, Blair said he was “very worried” about the result of the upcoming referendum. Continue reading »

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Jan 26

IRA terrorist behind 1993 Belfast bombing was MI5 informant

IRA terrorist behind 1993 Belfast bombing was ‘MI5 informant’ – leaked documents:

Northern Ireland’s police watchdog is investigating allegations that the IRA operative who planned the 1993 Shankhill Road bombing was an MI5 informant who gave intelligence that could have helped security forces stop the atrocity.

Nine civilians, including two children, were killed in the attack on a fish shop in Belfast’s loyalist heartland in 1993. The bombing became one of the most notorious atrocities of The Troubles, prompting a wave of sectarian revenge murders in its wake.

Inside job?  Continue reading »

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Jan 26

H/t reader squodgy:

“As I dig deeper it becomes clear that our Western political structure starts at the top with our ‘owners’, royalty & banksters, then comes the dirty brigade, the secret services, whose job it is to carry out whatever they are told by the former & get as much dirt as possible on the next group, the politicians.

After that it’s just gongsearchers & little piggies.”

MI6 Building at Vauxhall Cross

MI6 and ‘overseas terrorism’: A special relationship:

Last week, Siddharta Dhar, a Hindu-born Muslim convert, made front page news as the latest British citizen to turn up in Syria draped in ISIS imagery and toting an AK.

He may or may not be the masked Brit who starred in a recent ISIS snuff movie, but, like pretty much all those who preceded him, he was well known to the British security services. Continue reading »

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Jan 24


Related info:

Angry Truck Driver vs Migrants At Calais (English Subtitles) (Video)


Let 3,000 Calais Migrants Come To UK: Corbyn
The Government denies it is not doing enough as David Cameron considers taking thousands of unaccompanied migrant children.
Jeremy Corbyn has told Sky News up to 3,000 people waiting in makeshift camps in Calais should be processed if they want to come to Britain.

The Labour leader said that the Labour Party has been too defensive about its immigration record and failed to make the case for the benefits of migration.

Speaking during a visit to a refugee camp in Dunkirk, Mr Corbyn said Britain should follow Germany’s example in “doing its part” to help deal with the migrant crisis engulfing Europe.


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Jan 24

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Jan 24

The grave of murdered ex-KGB agent Aleksandr Litvinenko is seen at Highgate Cemetery in London, Britain, January 21, 2016

Britain had more motivation to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia, brother claims:

The brother of Aleksandr Litvinenko says the UK government had more motivation to kill him than Russia did, despite a British public inquiry which concluded that President Putin “probably” approved the assassination.

Maksim Litvinenko, Aleksandr’s younger brother who lives in Rimini, Italy, responded to the Thursday report by saying it was “ridiculous” to blame the Kremlin for the murder of his brother, stating that he believes British security services had more of a motive to carry out the assassination. Continue reading »

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Jan 23

Calais On Lockdown After 100s Of Migrants Storm UK-Bound Ferry:

Coinciding with UK’s Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s arrival at the French refugee camps, Sky News reports the port of Calais has been temporarily closed as 100s of migrants stormed on to a ship in the hope of reaching the UK. About 50 migrants are thought to have made their way on to a P&O-operated vessel called Spirit of Britain, and police are at the scene and have reportedly deployed water cannons to break up the crowds of protesters.

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Jan 22


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Jan 22

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Jan 19

(Click on image to enlarge.)

UK 2014 2025 depoulation


Visit the following links to view other countries:

Deagel “explains”:

There have been many questions about the countries forecast specially the one focusing on the United States of America (USA). They won’t be answered one by one but below you can find some explanation, thoughts and reflections. We are going to keep this as short as possible. Continue reading »

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Jan 18

H/t reader squodgy:

“I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a more uselessly qualified man for the job….

David Cameron has a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. He achieved 12 O-levels and three A-Levels from Eton College.

But then again, Tony Blair was a qualified Barrister & he lied and lied and lied.”

David Cameron deeply concerned.jpg

David Cameron is ‘deeply concerned’ a lot:

David Cameron is the prime minister of our great nation. Quite understandably, he has a lot on his mind, most of the time.

In fact, the phrase “deeply concerned” or “deeply concerning” comes up a lot in conjunction with his name in Google and other popular search engines.

Namely because he say is a lot. About Nigel Farage. About the Iraq War “witch hunt”. About tennis…

Just look

David Cameron deeply concerned

how many

David Cameron deeply concerned-2


David Cameron deeply concerned-3

That’s concerning.

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Jan 18

Related info:

US-Backed Coalition Just Bombed ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital

Human Rights Watch: US-made cluster bombs used by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen attacks

Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Bombing Its Embassy In Yemen

Saudi Arabia Bombs Second Yemeni Wedding in a Week – At Least 23 Dead

38 Dead After Saudi Arabia, Head of UN Human Rights Panel, Bombs Wedding in Yemen

Saudi Warplanes Destroy 2,500 Year Old Heritage Site In Yemen


Cameron stands by Saudi regime, defends Yemen bombing campaign:

David Cameron has voiced support for the controversial Saudi-led air-strike campaign in Yemen and dismissed concerns that Riyadh is funneling funds to Islamic State.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Monday, the Prime Minister defended UK’s arms exports to the oil-rich autocracy and said that the UK carefully monitors how the Saudis use British-made weapons.

“Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is important for our own security. They are opponents of Daesh [Islamic State] and this extremist terrorism,” he said.

“In terms of our arms exports, I think we have some of the most stringent controls anywhere in the world and I’ll always make sure they’re properly operated.” Continue reading »

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Jan 14


UK Scientists Say First Genetically-Modified Human Embryos Are Ready to Be Created:

A team of scientists in the UK recently asked for permission to create the world’s first genetically-modified human embryos. Laws currently on the books would prevent the scientists from allowing the embryos to live longer than 14 days, but the team believes that this research could lead to the first genetically modified human beings.

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London recently told The Independent that if they are given the green light, the world could see, “the first transgenic human embryos created in Britain within the coming weeks or months.” Continue reading »

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Jan 14


UK Intelligence Committee to be denied access to drone strike information:

Members of the UK’s Parliamentary intelligence watchdog will not be allowed access to all intelligence or defence information relating to the new British practice of targeted killing by drone, the Prime Minister has said.

David Cameron was asked today by Andrew Tyrie MP whether the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) would be allowed to examine the military aspect of the targeted killing programme, and whether he would commit to the Committee’s security-cleared members being able to see all the relevant intelligence. Continue reading »

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Jan 13

H/t reader squodgy:

“So much for the education of the less well off kids.”


UK museums to introduce entrance fees in 2016 following Government cuts:

One in five of all UK museums had closed a part or branch of their museum to visitors in 2015

Brighton Museums and York Art Gallery were among museums which introduced charges for entry and the numbers are set to grow in 2016 as public funding cuts are forcing museums to close or pay for their tickets.

British museums are forced to make difficult decisions that could impact on the quality of the service they provide, according to a report by the Museums Association. Continue reading »

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Jan 10

Britain’s training of 270 Saudi police sparks calls for transparency:

Britain’s College of Policing has trained 270 police officers from Saudi Arabia despite the state’s poor human rights record, which includes torture and the death penalty.

Human rights groups are demanding the college, which is a sub-body of the Home Office, disclose the kind of training it has given the Gulf state. But the educational body is refusing to release this information, while insisting that the training meets top international human rights standards.   Continue reading »

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Jan 09


Glyphosate, Disease and Chemical Brain Drain:

Questions and Answers about Pesticides

R. Mason MB ChB FRCA

Farm Wars

Question: Surely you can’t blame the ills of the NHS on glyphosate?

Answer: Yes, in fact you probably can. Glyphosate is a man-made amino-acid, which mimics the essential amino acid glycine and takes over many of its functions. Glycine helps to detoxify foreign proteins, promotes gluconeogenesis (making new glucose from amino acids) from the liver and kidney, goes into the bone marrow, helps to make collagen and is a neurotransmitter.

Tony Mitra from Canada interviews Anthony Samsel by video link saying: “Some 21 amino acids are the basic building blocks of life on this planet as we understand it. Glycine is one of them, the simplest and most basic, and it performs a long chain of invaluable tasks in the biology of the living kingdom. .. Glyphosate mimics glycine… And so, like carrying a bunch of deadly soldiers in the belly of the Trojan Horse, glyphosate slips into our system essentially replacing glycine whenever and wherever it can, and creates an avalanche of unpredictable diseases, health hazards and defects of all kinds. Pretending to be the amino acid Glycine, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and start interfering in our brain chemistry and into our bone marrow…” Tony introduces Anthony Samsel who explains briefly what he has discovered. Anthony Samsel emphasizes that all lifeforms will be negatively affected; that is why biodiversity is rapidly declining.

Continue reading »

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Jan 08

China’s Largest Bank Is Mystery Buyer Of Massive 1,500 Ton Gold Vault In London

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Jan 08


“The Jihadists Will Attack Europe”: Leaked Phone Call Shows Gaddafi Warned Tony Blair Of Terror Attacks:

On Wednesday, we took a close look at the battle for Libya’s oil.

Libya, much like Syria, is a case study in why the West would be better off not intervening in the affairs of sovereign states on the way to bringing about regime change. “Toppling dictators” sounds good in principle, but at the end of the day, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will emerge from the power vacuums the US creates when Washington destabilizes governments. Continue reading »

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