Trout Over 100 Times Government Radiation Limit Caught In Fukushima River (Kyodo News)

Fukushima trout log radioactivity level over 100 times gov’t limit (Kyodo News, Nov 17, 2012):

A mountain trout caught in a Fukushima Prefecture river returned a radioactive cesium reading of 11,400 becquerels per kilogram, more than 100 times the government-set limit for food items, a survey by the Environment Ministry said Friday.

Presenting its measurement of radioactive cesium contained in fish and insects in rivers, lakes and sea in the prefecture, the ministry said the reading from the trout in Niida River in Minamisoma city, a municipality north of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station badly hit by the 2011 disaster, was way above the regulatory maximum of 100 becquerels.

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