Oct 05


CNN Goes “Full Reuters” – Attempts To Rig VP Debate Poll With Too Many Dems In Sample:

Seems CNN has followed the poll-rigging lead of Reuters by massively skewing their sample pools with too many democratsunfortunately, even dems seem to think Pence won the debate last night.

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Jul 23

Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine For Vice President:

Moments ago the worst kept secret in Washington was confirmed when Hillary Clinton announced on Twitter she has picked Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate in an attempt to bolster her support among blue-collar workers and maximize votes from US Latinos dismayed by Donald Trump.

Kaine, 58, a Catholic former governor of Virginia, has described himself in the past as “boring”, and is seen as a safe, moderate if unexciting option, but his everyman roots, executive experience and fluent Spanish are assets that could strengthen the Democratic ticket. By choosing  Kaine, 58, a moderate Democrat from a battleground state, Clinton has passed up the chance to pick a left-winger such as senator Elizabeth Warren. Continue reading »

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Jul 22

Sen. Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s Top VP Pick Lets Big Banks Know He’s In Their Corner:

How Tim Kaine is signaling that he’ll be ‘an asset with banking interests on the fundraising trail’

 Sounding another alarm for progressives wary of the Democratic establishment’s support for Wall Street, the man said to be leading the pack of potential Hillary Clinton running mates – Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine – has just this week sent a clear message to big banks: He’s in their corner.

Kaine, who is reportedly Bill Clinton’s favorite for the vice presidential slot, signed onto two letters on Monday pushing for financial deregulation – letters that show the Clinton camp “how Kaine could be an asset with banking interests on the fundraising trail,” according to David Dayen at The Intercept on Wednesday. Continue reading »

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