Second Texas Healthcare Worker Diagnosed With Ebola Virus

H/t reader M.G.:

“CDC fear mongering, 2nd Ebola patient, Dow down over 350 points…….

They are using Ebola as the cause, also the fall down in the EU……no kidding, they bit the hand that fed them, Russia…….

Here is an article on Ebola from the Guardian. I would like to know what is going on in fact. This stuff isn’t fact.”


Second Texas healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola virus (Guardian, Oct 15, 2014):

Worker who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan flew on US flight from Cleveland the day before she reported Ebola symptoms

A second healthcare worker who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient in the US to be diagnosed with Ebola, has tested positive for the virus, escalating the challenge for officials battling to contain it in Texas.

The worker, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas, was immediately isolated after reporting a fever on Tuesday. Officials on Wednesday said that more cases were a possibility.

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America’s First Ebola Patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, Has Died

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America’s First Ebola Patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, Has Died (ZeroHedge, Oct 8, 2014):

The first US Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, who was treated in Texas, has just died:


And while we await the inevitable CDC press conference to follow, the stock of CMRX, whose medicine was being used to treat him, is plunging.

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Georgia Guide Stones: Cube Deciphered – The Simpsons & Ebola


Part 2: Georgia Guide Stones – Cube Deciphered – EBOLA (Before It’s News, Oct 6, 2014):

Exactly one week ago I published an article with the meaning of the numbers and letters on the stone that was recently removed from the Georgia Guide stones, in particular from the slab with the English text.

For decoding I was inspired by the relation between the dots on opposite sides of any regular dice.


I also showed that there is a perfect numerical relation between the letters and the numbers, showing that there is no coincidence but a deliberate coding.

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