Thom Hartmann, RT: Fukushima A Dire Warning To The World (Video Exposing The Criminal Japanese Government)

Interesting until 8:30 into the video, then the global warming BS sets in.

Don’t miss:

Prof. Chris Busby: Help Save Children Of Fukushima From Radiation! (Video Exposing The Evil Japanese Government)

YouTube did remove the video. I’ve found a replacement.

YouTube Added: 20.09.2011

Aileen Mioko SMITH, Kaori Izumi & Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear join Thom Hartmann. We here at the Big Picture and on my radio show have been doing our best to keep you updated on the latest developments coming out of Japan – as that nation tries to deal with one of the worst nuclear catastrophes in the history of the world. To help us do that – tonight – I’m joined by a few special guests in the studio who’ve flown here all the way from Japan to share their story – and to warn the world about the dangers of nuclear power. Later this week – they will travel to the United Nations where they will call on the UN to recognize human rights violations against children caused by the Fukushima crisis – and ask the UN to stop its global promotion of nuclear energy.


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