Nov 07

Former IMF Head’s Hedge Fund Goes Bankrupt After Partner Suicide, Fraud (ZeroHedge, Nov 6, 2014):

It there is a better anecdote for everything the IMF stands for than the hedge fund of its former head, disgraced Dominique Strauss-Khan, going broke days after his partner, Thierry Leyne, 49, commits suicide in Tel Aviv under mysterious circumstances as reported previously, and subsequent revelations exposing at least one instance of fraud at the financial firm, we have yet to hear it.

DSK new

former International Monetary Fund President Dominique Strauss-Kahn
seen here at a film festival in France in September: EPA

And while the tragic story of Thierry Leyne’s untimely has been extensively circulated, what may be less known is that DSK’s hedge fund may have imploded after a close encounter with a CYNK-like attempt to corner an illiquid company which however, blew up spectacularly in his face. The WSJ reported: Continue reading »

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