Feb 17

Here Is The “Leaked” Memo Directing The National Guard To Arrest Illegal Immigrants:

After the latest scuffle between the media and the Trump Administration over a memo drafted by Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, which allegedly called for as much as 100,000 national guard troops to be deployed to arrest illegal immigrants, moments ago the AP released the leaked memo titled “Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies”, to the general public.

The memo, first reported by the Associated Press Friday, lays out several possible policies to help implement President Trump’s executive order regarding border enforcement. Shortly after the report hit, the White House strongly denied the report, calling it “100% not true.” A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security says that the memo was a very early draft, and the idea for National Guard mobilization was “never seriously considered.” Continue reading »

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Apr 28


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Baltimore “Purge”: National Guard Arrives As City Burns, Rioters Warn “Nice Night For A Revolution” – Live Webcast (ZeroHedge, April 27, 2015):


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