FBI Removed Theater Attack Warning Issued On May 17, 2012 From The Internet (Video)



A few are trying to say this document is fake or that I made it up.. (in the comments below this video) … to that I say.. wrong! just do the search going back through May and June. Its there.

I’ll make it easy for the skeptics and even do the search FOR you!




UPDATE 7.21: the news made it out !! infowars (alex jones) http://www.infowars.com and several other news sites have picked up this news and are analyzing the ramifications of it.

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Batman Cinema Shooting: James Holmes ‘Told Police He Was The Joker’

Batman cinema shooting: James Holmes ‘told police he was The Joker’ (Telegraph, July 20, 2012):

James Holmes, the alleged gunman who shot 71 people during the midnight premiere of the new Batman film, told police he was “the Joker” as they interrogated him about the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

The 24-year-old was reported to have dyed his hair and beard red before he stepped into the crowded cinema, hurled a tear gas grenade and opened fire, killing 12 people and leaving 59 more injured.

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At Least 14 Confirmed Killed At Dark Knight Rises Premiere Shooting In Colorado Movie Theater (Video)

From the article:

The FBI is considering raising the national security level nationwide following the shooting, Sky News says citing its sources.

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At least 14 confirmed killed at Dark Knight Rises premiere shooting in Colorado movie theater (RT, July 20, 2012):

At least 14 moviegoers were killed and 50 injured at a cinema in the Colorado city of Aurora in the Denver suburbs. They were attending a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The theater was packed with a lot of people, many of them young fans, at the time the shooting started, 9news reports. The violence erupted some 15 minutes after the movie began, witnesses said.

Ten of the victims were killed on the spot, while four others died from injuries in hospital. Unconfirmed reports say there are children among the dead.

An area children’s hospital said the youngest of the six shooting victims brought to them is six years old. Not all of the patients at the hospital are children, however.

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Batman Film Premiere Of The Dark Knight Rises Shooting: 14 People Shot Dead And 50 Injured In Denver – BABY Shot At Point Blank Range (Video)

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Breaking/Confirmed: Assassination Attempt On Hillary Clinton In Israel (Updated) – (Veterans Today)

A masked gunman has shot dead 14 people and wounded more than 50 others at a Batman film premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the US, police said.

Batman cinema shooting: 14 people shot dead and 50 injured in Denver (Telegraph, July 20 , 2012):

Eyewitnesses reported that a baby was shot at point blank range and some of the victims were children as a single masked gunman went on a rampage. It was not clear whether the baby was killed in the attack.

The gunman, who was quickly arrested, was reportedly wearing body armour and a gas mask and used tear gas in the assault inside the cinema.

The shooting happened at the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theater in a mall in the suburb of Aurora, Denver, Colorado which was packed for a midnight premiere. Two separate devices were also said to have been found in vehicles outside the cinema.

Local reporter Justin Joseph of KDVR said that, according to witnesses, the moment Batman appeared on screen a man wearing body armour and a gas mask, and wielding at least one long gun, stood up and faced the crowd.

What witnesses described as two “bombs” – now believed to be tear gas – were thrown into the crowd, he said.

He said: “As people ran this gunman opened fire hitting people. Police sources have told us there are at least 10 bodies inside the cinema, most of them children or teenagers, and one baby.

“A baby was shot at point blank range, the family were gathered around screaming.”

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SECRETS Of BATMAN The Dark Knight Rises – LEAKED & EXPOSED! (Video)