Japanese Lawmaker Taro Yamamoto Personally Gives Letter To The Emperor, Says: ‘The Future Of The Children Is In Danger’

So many areas, cities in Japan should have been evacuated immediately, but haven’t.

The people, escpecially the children should have been given iodine, but haven’t.

To say that the children are in danger is an epic understatement.


Fukushima: More Then 42% of Children Have Thyroid Nodules Or Cysts (German TV Video, Nov 18, 2012):

More than 42% of 57,000 tested children have nodules or cyst, reports Dr. Suzuki who leads the examinations. In Chernobyl they found only 0.1 – 1%.

U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Alan Thompson Reported 1,500 MICROSIEVERTS Per Hour Thyroid Dose South Of Tokyo On March 20, 2011

These children need real help NOW and I am not talking about the normal western medicine BS treatments.

More info down below.

Lawmaker warns emperor of reality facing Japan: “Children are suffering from health problems” — Another official reveals “the incidence of cancer in children has been increasing” and is heckled (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 2, 2013):

Kyodo News, Nov. 1, 2013: “I wrote the letter because I wanted the emperor to know the situation of children who have suffered from radiation exposure, the appalling labor conditions for workers at the nuclear plant, and the poor way radiation (exposure) is being managed,” [Japanese lawmaker Taro] Yamamoto said. When the emperor came near him, Yamamoto expressed fear that the children are suffering from health problems, saying, “The future of the children is in danger” and gave the letter to the emperor […]

Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 1, 2013: “I, as an individual, only wanted to tell the emperor the truth about the health hazard posed to children and the workers who are exposed to radiation and being abandoned” […] “I wanted to explain the plight of children exposed to radiation […] From a common sense point of view, handing a letter to His Majesty may be rude. However, even though it is, I could not contain my desire to have him understand what is happening,” the lawmaker said.

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